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While overspray is never a good thing, the margin of error you have with evergreens is a bit larger as they do not translocate herbicide at all. I experience this often while spraying roadside brush, with evergreens I have to make sure the entire tree is well sprayed, otherwise it will not die. So, especially with just glyphosate I would not worry. If anything some of the needles may be burned, but that's it.
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Originally Posted by WenzelOSLLC View Post
A bit of a sidebar: They do make spray shields/canopies for this kind of thing. Eliminates drift and allows spraying in the wind.
There's that, or the suggestion about larger spray droplets. They don't travel as far (if you know painting, its like comparing HVLP to high pressure spray).

Or you can apply glyphosate directly with a paintbrush, sponge, rope bar (my favorite), or even a cloth glove (over a rubber glove) in any wind conditions.
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Originally Posted by FoghornLeghorn View Post
All too often, us landscapers get caught up and paralyzed in the "I need to do this perfectly or I can't do it at all" syndrome.

Just get out there and get it done. I have learned after Being in this business for a long time is that "pretty close" is often very acceptable level of service and accuracy.

Example: Everyone gets so worked up and concerned with having an exact application rate on their backpack sprayer, or their spray rig. Honestly, what is the difference if you apply 14 gallons per acre or 16.1 gallons per acre. The difference in actual effect is so minuscule, that it just does not matter.

33 ounces of active ingredient per acre of growth regulator or 31.2 ounces per acre,. Seriously, if you are close enough to be in the ballpark, most of the time it's fine.

We are not maintaining the Augusta national golf course...There is some room for slight error. The important thing is that you just get out there and get the work done in a good workmanlike fashion for your customers.
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Actually, Augusta National is very easy to care for on the chemical side. They really don't do a lot. That course is pretty much just a perennial rye overseed that burns out in the summer. They use minimal herbicides and fertility.
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