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Old 01-18-2015, 10:25 PM
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You just spent $1000's on your landscape, your front yard is a picture out of better homes and gardens, now you want me to put in this flimsy cheap black decorative fencing that you bought on sale at wal mart all over the place. Ok hold on let me take pictures before that goes in!
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Old 01-19-2015, 02:07 AM
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Too funny! read the whole thread, and had to join the site and post. I had a Landscaping company basically thrown in my lap last year ( don't ask )., So there has been, shall we say, a VERY steep learning curve. I've never cut a residential property yet, all my work in commercial.So...

1) Really? You gave me this contract because you were pissed that the previous contractor didn't pick up the trash on the lawn that your employees were to lazy to pick up, and would just turn an empty pizza box into shredded wheat and keep on going? Well, I just spent a year picking up trash for a half an hour before each cut, before I could even start to cut. But, you know what? Sometimes, you CAN solve a problem by throwing money at it. O.K., maybe my Echo 22.5 cc blower can only move clippings and leaves, and not trash off a lawn, but this year... Say hello to almost 80 cc's of Shindaiwa backpack... I'm going to blow all the trash off your lawn onto the parking lot, If I'm in a good mood, I may even blow it all into one single pile, just to let you know how much work your employees don't do. Moving on, trash removal and parking lot maintenance will be invoiced separately. Ask me for a quote, either take it or not. It's only negotiable from the aspect that can pay me less to do less, not from the point of paying me less to do the same or more.

2) Trimming a bush is one thing, dropping a tree is another. I left the stump cut short enough that I can mow over it, if you want the stump removed, and grass to grow over it, it's gonna be a lot more money. A lot more.

3) I don't care what you saw on YouTube. We are in Canada, Walmart here doesn't sell the same chemical based stump remover as in the United States. Those chemicals are illegal here. Yes, maybe it does have something to do that they are precursors to explosives. No, I don't know if 911 had anything to do with that. No, and are two different sites.

4) Yes, i know a bit about chemistry. Yes I can make my own chemical stump remover, I know where to buy the necessary ingredients and how to render them into what I need, but for the time it would take, it'd be cheaper if I just called in someone with a stump grinder, paid them and added 25% for you being a royal PITA.

5) I had to weed whack 5000 square feet of interlock because it's shifted over the last twenty years, and now there's gaps of 3/4 of an inch between the bricks. I'm going to dig into my knowledge of chemistry and spray it this spring and I won't have to weed whack it again this year. Don't ask what's in the sprayer, no you can't have some for your house. No, you can't buy it anywhere. No, I can't "pass by" your house and apply any. You live 45 minutes away from the property nearest to your house. I'll do your house for the same price as one commercial property. Why so much? DUH.. because of the 45 minute each way thing..

6) Whether I take three hours to cut the grass with a push mower, or whether it takes 15 minutes with the lawn tractor is irrelevant, you pay me for what I get done, not for how long it takes me to do it. It's my choice and prerogative to show up with almost ten grand worth of equipment, not including the cost of what pulls the equipment, and deal with the cut in a timely, professional manner. If it'd make you feel better to know that "little Timmy" slaved at it for hours for the same result that I get in 30 minutes, call little Timmy.

7) "Annuals" have to be purchased and planted every year, that's why they're called "annuals".

8) I guarantee what I plant and maintain, if that's what's agreed to and paid for. If you maintain what I plant, I guarantee that I will happily invoice you again when I re-plant the same plant in the same place because you were too cheap to pay me to maintain it. You didn't water it, it died. If the weather is in my favour, I'm going to be invoicing you for at least three replacements this season. So, how much did you save? But, hey! Thanks for the extra work!

9) It's not about the money.. I don't do snow. Seriously.. Yes, I have commercial equipment, NO! I don't do snow..

10) I realize you really like that plant / shrub / flower.. But, when the tag on it says "Full Sun"... you can't plant it there. Also, fruit trees don't produce fruit the first year, and yes, they must be sprayed, pruned and yes, squirrels will find them, and don't care if the fruit isn't ripe. Why? I don't know, I'm not a squirrel.

Oh yeah, there's more... way more.. but that's it for now.. Great site! Glad to have found it.
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Old Yesterday, 12:10 PM
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Originally Posted by Trees Too View Post
This list just in for 2014!!

10 things lawn services won't tell you
The grass may be greener, but at what price?
Originally Posted by Trees Too View Post
13+ [20] Things Your Landscaper Won't Tell You
Originally Posted by Trees Too View Post
"10 Things Your Landscaper Won't Tell You"

FNC sez: "Hiring a landscaper to make your yard the envy of the block? Choose carefully. You could wind up with a wasteland and a big bill to go with it.
Originally Posted by Trees Too View Post
Homeowners reveal lawn care scams and shoddy service
"10 Things Your Landscaper/Turf Attendant Won't Tell You (but Secretly Wants You to Know)"

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Originally Posted by Trees Too View Post
"10 Things Your Landscaper/Turf Attendant Won't Tell You (but Secretly Wants You to Know)"
Most of those are false or dumb, but some are pretty good............
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