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Originally Posted by Wideopen View Post
Thank you for clearing that up. Is a stander just a standing ztr? How do u steer it? Sorry for the newb questions.

If you want to think of it that way, I suppose. They are both nimble with hydraulic, turn on a dime, "zero turning radius" manueverability. Standers have hand controls whereas the standard ztr uses more of the arms pushing forward or backward to control direction. Standing over your intended mowing path has so many advantages over walk behinds, and even ztrs in a sense. I own both the zero turn rider, Scag 60" Turf Tiger...and love it...but my favorite mower of choice is the John Deere Quik Trak 48" stander. That's the mower I go to on moderate-sized properties or less. You can really scan the terrain and hug fencelines with ease, circle trees in three seconds, avoid obstacles instantly, "surf" hilly and angular surfaces with a little practice...wouldn't have it any other way. I'd sure like to hear arguments out there from the professional cutters on why you still own the tradition "handlebar" walk behind mower. I'm all ears...

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One thing I haven't seen here yet...keep a digital camera in your rig. Photo's of "incidents" when they happen sure make your insurance guy happy. Nothing like having proof the the $3000.00 worth of damage to a clients car caused by a worker was really only a $100.00 worth of damage. You'll loose your client but save your butt in court and on premiums.
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Wear good, solid, comfortable footwear!

Keep those precious feet and toes protected. As a solo-operator I know that I would be in BIG trouble if something bad happened to one of my 'prime movers'.

Thats a good one. i just sprained my foot and stepped on a broken glass bottle barefoot in the same week. now one foot is swollen and cut up and it isnt fun walking/ limping behind the WB
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hello, I have allways made sure I had a wrench socket, screwdriver etc... to fit all bolts screws on all of my equipment. Do it on off time, stocking the tool box with only the tools you can use, saves me time to fix the problem quickly with out "hunting" for the phanton tool I never loaded in the trailer. Good luck friend, Tim
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Originally Posted by KirbysLawn View Post
Keep fix-a-flat on the trailer

Buy a portable air tank

I swear, mower tires are lined with magnets!
No Doubt.......Three flats in one day last week.
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Originally Posted by Freetime View Post
Also, do not let any one set your price good customers are gold, whiners are a dime a dozen “ we can possibly meet so and so price if it is in writing and legitimate” haggling just is not worth the air to do it. You cannot have every lawn as some people are cheap and some of the cheapest son of a !#^#@! ichs live in three story mansions with prize winning lawns.

Hope this helped a little.

[Edited by Freetime on 04-16-2001 at 11:21 AM]
Our motto is "Affordable Lawn Care". We basically allow the customer to set the price on the mowing part. We set the price for the other typical work. (leaves, Gutter, Landscaping and what not). If we think we can do the lawn care for the price we do it. If not, we move on. We have a set rate that we want to make per hour. If we can do the yard for the customer at their price than everyone is happy. If we can't do the yard and still cover our price we just say no.
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I like to carry more than one rider with me, in case of a flat on one, or if I get one stuck in the wet ground we have this year...easier to finish up the job with the extra mower than to fix a tire on the job site....take it back to the shop later
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You are you`re company`s mobile billboard

If you haven`t got your truck and company work wear with your company details on your loosing customers. Imagine all the people that see your vehicle on the road and at your customer`s properties. It`s very reasonable to get signage on your truck and just one new customer`s service may pay for it. The same goes for your work wear and it can all go as a company expense. It also makes an impression and looks professional.

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lol what do you meen the idot for the day?
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If not already mentioned, check tire pressures on all mowers daily. And try not to do like I do and use a wrench to adjust something, then stick it in your pocket and forget it. Then when you empty your pockets at night you find it and say oops I forgot to put this back in the toolbox. And then I lay it on my dresser and tell myself, I'll grab it on the way out in the morning. Then it lays there for a week until I need it and don't have it.
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