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Old 04-03-2006, 09:32 PM
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Originally Posted by topsites
When a customer tries to get over on me and I catch them, I'm the bad guy... Doesn't matter how or what happened, they weren't doing anything wrong and now they badmouth me, too. I know, how dare I, I am such a bad guy.

When I make a change that benefits most but negatively affects a few (and usually the bottom of the barrel), I'm the bad guy...

When I ask the customer to cover half the blind spot while I cover the other half, I'm the bad guy for not covering the whole thing by myself.

If my bid isn't right down to the wire, not only am I the bad guy but it really would've been nice if my estimate had been somewhere below the wire.

If I raise my prices (which I did) to the level of what I know a guy used to charge 10 years ago, it's beyond bad. Unbelievable, the nerve I must have.

When I make a decision to protect my business against someone who wanted to test-drive it, I should be hanged for this.

When I buy a new mower for the class A and B lawns, I'm a great guy until I refuse to run it through class F yards... At least the upper echelon is still on my side on this one thou.

When a customer refers their best friend to me and I am unwilling to bend over backwards and work for free in exchange for this magnificent favor they are both doing for me, I am not just bad but they both drop me in favor of someone 'nicer.'

When I categorically refuse to accept a job because it's on the customers terms instead of my own, omg... RUN !!!!

Nothing else matters...
Daily maintenance, new machines, sharp blades, fresh synthetic racing oil and high octane clean-burning fuel I can see why not.
Same-day estimates, time-of-call - to -work-completion frame 3 days or less, fit you in if I can on whatever day, cut your grass when it needs it without gouging you with 'weekly' cuts when I know it only needs it every 12-14 days, call me anytime (even 4am) thou I did get upset ONE time around 2 am someone caught me bad, but still...
Never run a machine before 9am, never after dark, never work on a yard on Sundays (at least not residential), the truck never drips oil in their driveway because I either park on the street or lay down a tarp to catch any... Maybe I raise prices but always steady as she goes throughout the year, you paid 30 in March, you pay 30 in September, plenty of advance notice, maybe a raise once in five years!
None of this matters.
I'm always the bad guy.
Just something's been messing with me the past few days.
Some body gotta be the bad guy!!!
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Old 04-03-2006, 09:51 PM
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Originally Posted by Dirty Water
Topsites, reading all your posts, a familiar theme that comes up is that you have a serious attitude problem towards people in general.

I think this is why you always end up as the "Bad Guy"...

Try being nice, not losing your temper, and for the love of god stop wasting your money on high octane fuel

Not really man dealing with ppl./the public will give even the best of us a sour attitude from time to time. I know somedays i feel like giving a few ppl. a piece of my mind, but I don't b/c im a pro. We put SOOO much in and to our businesses, and yet noone gives a rats azz wether we do well or not.

Chevy trucks, Exmark Lazers, enclosed trailers.
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Old 04-03-2006, 10:08 PM
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Originally Posted by sheshovel
No that does not mean your the bad gut at all..all that means is he's not gonna pay that price to do the work..does not mean YOU are the bad guy at all...see it's all in how YOU percieve yourself and how you allow yourself to be percieved by others is all...It's a way you have to have about yourself.Hard to explain
I'm not beyond understanding what you say, but I find myself as confused by the beginning and end of the whole picture as you say, it is hard to explain. But the dirty look doesn't help, that look they give me as if I had just handed them their dead cat doesn't help at all.

Things are better now, I do feel better since it finally rained but I also know this is just an excuse because not only was the first set of responses fairly unanimous, but others have told me the same thing about what I describe is normal and that I just have a bad attitude.
Ok, I can live with this, but I have some questions...

When you say this is normal, do you really mean that most people are lying, cheating, thieving pos'? Because I asked somebody one time why they just did that... They had tried to pull a fast one and it wasn't a mistake, it was done on purpose (planned and conceived, the whole process went by with them being entirely aware of themselves) and I honestly just wanted to know why because I continue to have a real problem with this issue of aware-full wrong-doing ... And their answer as to why they do this was 'because everybody's doing it!' And at the time I had to admit this was true.
But it doesn't make it right and it's not the fact that it happens that bothers me, but the sheer volumes of it. I know from having observed us as people that we all make mistakes, but I also know true mistakes happen maybe once out of ten times, this I can live with, but the actual number of events such as this appears to be over half and I dare say at times the number of what I consider negative or bad behaviour is closer to nine out of ten! That is what bothers me and it is what eats me. If this is normal, I will die not accepting this sad truth because it frustrates me to no end to think that the whole wide world really doesn't care that our souls are all going to hell... Now if I must fry by Satan's side in the coming of the second death for what I have done then so be it, but please, please don't make it any worse for yourself and do your best to do no wrong so help you god, so to speak (ok, sorry if it got too deep but that's the real main gist of it).

As far as my attitude, it is a learned response to all or most of this.

Last edited by topsites; 04-03-2006 at 10:17 PM.
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Old 04-03-2006, 10:19 PM
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Sell your services don't let them get to you there is always someone else who appreciates good work. all that said and it still pizzes me off when I get into it with a customer. I have let three go this year, but at the same time I added between 35 to 40
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Old 04-03-2006, 10:33 PM
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Nobody has given any definition to "bad" in the phrase. Or, for that matter, what about "good" guy?
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