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Blade Balancer

Can anyone give me a good source of supply for a blade balancer? Thank You!!
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Ace hardware, home depot, lesco

and most of the catalog and online suppliers have them also. They're only a few bucks.

Good Luck.

P.S. I'd search some of the online places for you to get you a link, but I gotta hit the sack! Its about midnight here already. Try posting this in the commercial lawn care section, someone may be able to help you out better than I.
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HI AND WELCOME TO LAWNSITE!!! I don't know if you have found what you're looking for but here is what I use.
1) measure the diameter of the hole in your blade(s).
2) Go to a bearing supply store and give them the measurement. They should ask you for the diameter of the center hole as well.
3) Get a bolt that is long enough to put 2 of those bearings, 1 Big flat washer, 3 nuts and 2 lock washers on it. mine was about 1 1/4 in long. The order of assembly from the bolt head to the end is as follows: bearings, large flat washer, lock washer, nut. the other 2 nuts and lock washer are used at the end of the bolt to secure it to the tool box, blade grinder or whatever you choose. there is apost on this in the lawn care forum and this is not my idea. i got it from there and built it. it is very precise and it will take you a while to dial your blades in.

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Home Depot or Lowes.
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3 words:

True Value Hardware
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Here is a picture of the blade balancer with bearings. Adam from Canada came up with this idea and I added his idea and mounted it right to my rbg grinder. Scroll the picture all the way down to see the balancer.
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FOUR WORDS>>...Magna-Matic blade balancer. Nothing, I mean NOTHING can be anywhere as accurate as this tool. It is ultra sensitive and also doubles as a bent blade checker. They have been making these for years, and they are very sensitive. Forget those $2.99 cast white metal cone jobs. They couldnt balance a hammer! These Magna-Matics are a bit pricey at about $170.00 but, just like a dedicated blade sharpener, is better than anything else out there.

The concept of a magnet CENTERING the blade on the cone ensures an accurate 90% position. Then the whole assembly is free (very free) to rotate to show the slightest out of balance condition. A snap of the wrist and you can touch it up again.

Just like anything else, this is an investment. It would seem as though this piece of machinery will last forever.
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Magna-Matic is execellent. If you want true balance use on that has ball bearings! Magna-Matic also allows you to check for bent blades. One supplier would be R&R Products (800-528-3446) after market supplier for many different heavy commercial turf and golf equipment. Hope this helps.
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