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Old 03-06-2007, 08:42 AM
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Originally Posted by workinallthetime View Post
ok guys here is a senerio im in the middle of and i dont want to do it. A new customer who was involved for what he says most of his life with golf corse maintenace. he tells me he has a degree in turf management also. here is where things get wrong, he wants to supply me with the checmicals (round up) to treat areas around his property. First i told him i would not due to i have no license for that then he says since I am at his house and working for him to not worry about it since im considered his employee.
this guy throughs up red flaggs everywhere in my book, he argued with me about the size of rock to use for a french drain and wants me to mow his 2.5 acres every week for 75 bucks and edge every 2 weeks. he is also having me build a french drain system with my tactor business.
from what I have read here its going to be illegal for me to apply chemicals to his property even if he supplies them, ohh and by the way he alos commented that he has nerve damage and is not supose to even be around the chemicals anymore.

im going with my gut, doing the tractor work and thats it. do you guys agree? and since this is my first year in business i am asking as what can i and cant i do as a mow, edge and blow guy.

what all is involved in this turf and ornamental license for oklahoma?
You are not considered an employee of his unless he is going to have you fill out a w-4 and pay taxes on the money he pays you.

In Massachusetts a person can apply as long as their supervisor is certified and they can have direct contact with the licensed person throughout the day (over the phone is fine).

He sounds like someone who would not be happy with your services and be hard to collect money from.
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Old 03-06-2007, 02:49 PM
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Just stay away from it if you are unsure. In most states, under a perfect scenario, is unlike the above posts of the laws in Mass.. In MOST states, even if this guy HAD a CURRENT license, which you can rest assured, he doesn't... - why would he? But if he DID have a license, had his business insured, AND registered through the state, THEN you would STILL need to be certified to work under this guy in his business. So, the best thing would be to do would be to look in to the laws, yourself. Good luck with it.

Thank you, Dad - for always being the dad that you were. You truly are my hero. You always were.
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Old 12-28-2007, 01:47 AM
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Originally Posted by echeandia View Post
Hey Sarge, you a wrong. This is from the Oregon Dept of Agriculture Pesticides Division:
The Commercial Pesticide Applicator License is required of individuals who apply or supervise the application of pesticides on the land or property of others while employed by a Commercial Pesticide Operator.
It took me all of 10 seconds to find. You really need to get your fact straight.
maybe if you took another 10 seconds you'd of discovered Sarge does have his facts straight:

There are a limited number of instances where individuals who apply pesticides are NOT required by Oregon
law to hold a pesticide-related license; they are as follows:

5. “Persons who do not advertise or publicly hold themselves out as being in the business of applying
pesticides but whose main or principal work or business is the maintenance of small or home lawns,
shrubs, or gardens” [ORS 634.106(5)]. Some landscape maintenance companies may fall under this
exemption if: 1) no restricted-use pesticides or machine-powered equipment are used, 2) properties to
which pesticides are applied are limited to single family residences (no commercial property), and 3)
the use of pesticides is not specified in advertisements, contracts or invoices.

straight from the Oregon Dept of Agriculture Pesticides Division website.

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