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Old 04-05-2007, 03:13 PM
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Turfco Direct Simplifies Transport and Loading of TurnAer 4 and 6 Aerators

Turfco Direct Simplifies Transport and Loading of TurnAer 4 and 6 Aerators
With Innovative Front Traction Drive

Minneapolis, Minn. (April 5, 2007) – Turfco Direct has introduced its new Front Traction drive for its TurnAer 4 and TurnAer 6 aerators. The new Front Traction drive significantly increases traction and control available during machine transport and while loading onto a truck or trailer.

“Since introduction four years ago, our customers have consistently told us that our TurnAer 4 and 6 are the easiest-to-use aerators available, allowing their crews to work more productively for longer periods of time,” said Scott Kinkead, executive vice president at Turfco Direct. “Two years ago we raised the productivity bar once more with the introduction of the innovative TurnAer Chariot ride-on system, which transforms the TurnAer 4 and 6 from walk-behind aerators to ride-on aerators in seconds.

“Since the TurnAer aerators have made process of aeration easier, our customers asked us to turn our focus toward helping ease the strain of getting to and from the job site. Our new Front Traction drive makes loading and transporting aerators dramatically easier, which lessens operator wear and tear to keep crews fresher and more productive throughout the day.”

Constructed of long-wearing rubber, the Front Traction drive replaces the typical nylon drive drum(s) with three (TurnAer 4) or four (TurnAer 6) high-traction tires. In addition to the traction enhancements, the Front Traction drive also provides smoother, more refined operation on paved or concrete surfaces.

At the heart of the TurnAer 4 and TurnAer 6 aerators is Turfco’s patented DiffDrive™ system with dual-brake action, which allows the machines to turn corners with the tines in the ground, without the need to stop and lift the machine to make a turn. Operation is similar to a mid-size mower – simply maneuver around trees, flowerbeds and other landscape features without stopping. Kinkead says that on average, crews can increase their productivity during aeration operations by up to 30-percent with the TurnAer models, when compared to traditional aerators.

The TurnAer Chariot can be attached to, or removed from either TurnAer aerator in seconds without tools, allowing the operator to simply step on and go until the project is complete. Fatigue is reduced significantly, allowing crews to take on larger, more profitable jobs.

The TurnAer 4 features a 17-inch aeration width and is capable of fitting through a 28-inch gate, while the TurnAer 6 (formerly the TurnAer 26) has an aeration width of just under 24 ½-inches, and is capable of fitting through a 36-inch gate. Both TurnAer models are powered by a four-horsepower Honda engine, and the heat-treated alloy steel tines can achieve up to a 2.75-inch core depth. A spring-powered lift assist makes raising and lowering the tines quick and easy.

Additional features of Turfco’s TurnAer aerators include:
• Compact design – provides easy maneuverability in highly-landscaped lawns.
• Folding, multi-height handle – allows compact storage and comfortable operation.
• Sealed, self-aligning bearings – provides long life with reduced maintenance.
• Available from Turfco Direct by phone, Web or fax – your direct source for lawn renovation equipment.

The TurnAer 4, TurnAer 6 and TurnAer Chariot are backed by Turfco Direct's two-year commercial warranty, as well as the company's renown technical service, available by fax, telephone or online at

Based in Minneapolis, Minn., Turfco has served the professional turf industry for more than 50 years. Providing the most advanced aeration and renovation equipment on the market, Turfco helps turf managers find solutions. A distribution arm of Turfco Manufacturing, Turfco Direct was created in 1999 to offer renovation equipment, service and parts direct to customers. This direct approach allows Turfco to increase landscapers' productivity, save time and get the best equipment at affordable prices. Turfco is the direct answer for turf professionals.
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Old 04-05-2007, 05:01 PM
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Just thought I would ask since I'm here: I bought my TurnAer6 with the chariot last year and love it until I try to put it back on the trailer or go up a driveway. Is there a retro-fit for the plastic drums?
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Old 04-05-2007, 05:03 PM
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I would contact Turfco through their site and see - I am sure they will be able to assist you if you do not get a response here
Michael J. Donovan, Sr.
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Old 04-10-2007, 11:31 AM
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Older TurnAers


Are you trying to load and transport with the Chariot attached? If you are I recommend you unhook the Chariot for those purposes. We don't recommend that the Chariot is used in either of those situations.

If you have the Chariot unhooked my advice for trailer ramps and steep driveways is to push up on the handlebars so there is more weight on the drums. Getting a running start doesn't hurt either.

Remember because of the differential you have to work the "brake" triggers to keep the drive going. When the differential senses more resistance on one side it will transfer power to the other. So alternating the "brakes" moves power back and forth.

As far as an update is concerned because of frame modifications that we had to make to accomodate the new drive system we are not able to offer an update.

Call us if you have further questions. 1-800-679-8201

Tim Gray
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