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My review

I never try most sponsor-based things mostly due to my own experiences as an affiliate, lets just say I don't trust most.
Meanwhile, I'm figuring someone gets paid so I'll likely get just another piece of junk full of ads and there's no telling who else gets a hold of my information (more than a few think nothing of selling names and addresses on down the line).

What I found instead is a magazine filled with state of the art equipment, several rather attractive discounts, lists and information to the actual vendor / supplier (including in a lot of cases the domain name), and the kind of products that for the most part would not be a waste of my time (for other reason than I might not need all of it).

Several articles covering green industry related subjects in a professional manner, accurate reviews of equipment, and a section including a thread from lawn site (other than they edited out our screen names and may have reworded one or two things for professionalism so no lol's), it was a neat feeling to see one of my own posts in a magazine and even if direct credit is not given (it gives location of the post only), it also wasn't stolen and made someone else's (as is often a practice).

I was waiting for it, especially on the review of the Warrior (guess who has one and has bragged here about it), but no, it was truly an independent, honest review, I could tell that much from the read. For all I know they may have even gone out of their way to make sure nothing I had said here was repeated, it really was that independent.

I find turf a professional source of information, even the ads appear well selected and screened, I enjoyed looking at equipment I've never seen before in my life, and even if I never buy or use it, at least now I know it is available and how it might make one's manual labor easier.

It's almost like the Forbes of lawn care, and as for personal information compromise, I don't foresee that anymore.

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Thank you for the very nice critique of Turf magazine.
I just want to let you know that we do ocassionaly rent our mailing list. If you would like your name to NOT be included in this, please contact me with your name and address and I'll make the note in the dbase. Rest assured, phone, fax and email addresses are NEVER, I repeat...NEVER rented, sold or in any other way distributed outside of the MRP building.

Thanks again for the write up!

Kathy Upton


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We didn't pay this guy -- really!!!

David C
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I to am impressed with the articles every month from Turf Magazine. IMO its a great source of info. But can I criticize just a little? IMO I would like to see more articles on general lawn care and the day to day operations of any local service, I guess more "hands on" type articles, maybe a "how to do it" type thing. I realize some of these things are more of a secret,lol but I'm sure there is general information out there that could be gathered. In my defense, as many other's, time is money and if there were certain articles about certain things it would save us a ton of reasearch time and make Turf Magazine even more popular. Just my .02 cents.
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Equipment we use:
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BillyGoat equipment
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Fisher snow plow's
DownEaster and Fisher salt spreader's
TurboTurf fertilizer tank
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I also love the mag, and the customer service is awesome. In fact the service from Kathy was better then I can get from the mags that we do pay for.
Thanks again Kathy & Turf for a job well done.
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Awwww....thank you. (David....take note! aren't raises due soon?? LOL)
Kathy Upton


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Originally Posted by kathyu View Post

Awwww....thank you. (David....take note! aren't raises due soon?? LOL)
Auto message:
Sorry. David is out of the office until next January.
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I have to add to this too. Turf has introduced me to so many new products that I never knew existed. Made me spend lots and lots of money on equipment! And out of all the magazines I get, Turf is the only one that gets read over and over and over again! I recently saw a thread I posted in from Lawnsite in the Turf Magazine, now I feel like a celebrity!!!
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