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Mr. Stone (or whomever)<p>You are commonly known in the terms of most Usenet groups as a Troll. You lie in wait of someone to post and then you attack him or her with unrelated drivel. Then you go back into hiding. Your main purpose of posting to this forum is to cause trouble amongst the participants. You have no other useful purpose that I have seen. Why do you do it? <p>Myself and other people have tried to have discussions with you, as you seem to have knowledge about this business that some could learn from. But when someone posts you come back with some asinine reply telling that person how wrong or stupid he or she is. It is my understanding that the purpose of a discussion is to discuss not ‘dictate’ like you always have to do. <p>You have been asked on several occasions to post proof of you claim to fame, but you continue to refuse. You continue to ignore direct questions about you and your business and continue with your attacking posts when asked. Why? What are you afraid of? Do you get your jollies doing this, does it turn you on, and does it make you feel superior to other people?<p>What is the real purpose of you being here? Can you answer or are you going to cower down to a poor guy from a “pudunk” area?<p><p>jim<p>
Old 02-13-2000, 02:03 PM
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What is this post doing here? This is a lawn care forum, not a pi$$ and moan forum. Take it up with him off list. You JJ just did exactly what you berated mr stone for.<p>Bill
Old 02-13-2000, 02:17 PM
JJ Lawn JJ Lawn is offline
LawnSite Senior Member
Join Date: Dec 1999
Location: Arkansas
Posts: 350
Bill, lets not be calling the kettle black. If you have a problem with my post then take it up with me &quot;off list&quot; as you say.<p>I believe that my post are a little different than his. If the administrator deems fit to have me remove it or he removes it, so be it. Until then it stands.<p>jim
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