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Old 03-30-2008, 12:18 AM
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Originally Posted by pinto n mwr View Post
Sorry, have to correct "all their customers" to "all their customers except for me"
I'll leave the "bends over backwards" open though
Did you not just have a post about how they're now beating everyone's prices in town for your product??

Plus, you said Gary and Liza were a couple of the best in the area..... so there!!!
Give thanks, for all that He has given.
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Old 03-30-2008, 12:29 AM
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Ok, just the BP location does that, ED and WBL are fine but I never go to those to get product, only prices. I know it's not fair.
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Old 03-30-2008, 09:00 AM
Atlantic Lawn Atlantic Lawn is online now
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Wow, I always tried to create a friendly relationship between myself and the manager, I always received great service. Lesco has gotten pricey these days but if I make a purchase they generally look out for me.
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Old 03-30-2008, 12:02 PM
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Lesco prices are WAY up, buy once you BS with the new JD people, prices come down.
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Old 03-30-2008, 12:48 PM
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Originally Posted by LawnTamer View Post
I had great service when I bought my Spacesaver 200, they not only filled everything with oil, but gas, and we fired it up so they could show me the operation of all the valves and what not, we even did a flow test and calibrated it. Top notch. However, from what my Lesco reps indicate, and the maintenance of the Lesco website, the declining product line, it frankly looks to me like JD acquired Lesco with the intent to kill it.

Pre JD Landscapes buyout
1. Always 2 reps at my store, so they could actually help you
2. Nearly always had everything in stock
3. Helpful website where I could get MSDS and Labeling, product specs, track my account and spending.
4. Lesco would price match other local suppliers

Post JD Landscapes buyout
1. Just 1 guy running the store, always busy. He can't even go to lunch without closing the store.
2. Diminishing products in stock.
3. Website is crap now, no info on equipment, very little on products, couldn't even find a MSDS I needed the other day.
4. JD won't price match, but if I switch my phone service, spend at least $25K each year and name my next born child "John Deere" then they will give me a "better" price, which is still more than I paid before.

I've got to agree with you, Lawn Tamer.

I'm not a regular at Lesco (any longer) by any stretch, but I did go in the N. Cincinnati store last week to check on their chemical prices.
The 1st impression I got, when walking in and looking around at the shelves and the fert skids, was that maybe they were going out of was so poorly stocked.
The second impression I got, when I finally got my chance to talk to the only salesman at the store...was that the "new guy" they hired there is a total idiot ; not even able to clearly differentiate between what was "pre-emergent" and what wasn't... on his chemical shelf !!

So after having to wait through about 1/2 dozen or more phone calls and "excuse me" sales to "know what they want" customers, I got some outrageous pricing from the idiot, bought a couple obligatory stainless steel spreaders (that I replace every couple years), then bowed out, shaking my head.

It's a crying shame to see what's happened to the Lesco just the last decade or so...since they left Rocky River and went 'global' under new corporate leadership that had no clue about this industry...
That was the beginning to the very last chapter of the "Lesco" timeline.
What's left now isn't "Lesco" at all...but merely JD'S puppet.

(Green-up, is this the same store you go to ?!?
Do they really only have 1 guy running that place now ?!? )
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