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Heated Driveway

Has anyone heard of a driveway with radiant heating like floors in a house? I'll be installing a paver drive for a customer in the spring and he would like to do this if possible.
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heard of them but only seen them in pictures.

I know they have airports with entire runways heated, so imagine driveways aren't too big of a thing to do.

Would say its a lot of money though, but if they are going for a paver drive then maybe they will go for a heated paver drive.

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Go to Plowsite, I remeber this being hashed around over there last year. Plowing is cheaper, but not as chic.
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Some issues come up with heated drives, depending on the type of heat you are using and your base prep.

Two types of heat, Electric wiring and crosslinked poly tube.
Electric is easier to install you can keep the 1" of sand but the cost goes up to heat. Tubing you need more than 1" of sand more like 2" it makes screeding harder, holding the tubes down?? you need wide staples or a clamp of some type. Then the heating unit are you going to tap in to the home boiler or install a new one? Remember you need to run antifreeze thru the piping.

Base use more than you think, and wider than you really need, I suggest you go 18"-24" wider than normal, this supports the edges from moving(heat transfer from drive to yard are issues they have to deal with) Use a good edging, most important with the poly tube (Pavetech Industrail edging for poly) it can handle the higher sand base.

Remember heat goes both ways up and down and it will go out to the sides, so if some one drives off the brick they might get stuck if your base is too narrow.
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It is done all the time.

Check with your local car wash owner to see if he has his bay floors heated.

Approx cost for 2 car drive with boiler $1,500 plus concrete.
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The one's I have seen work marginaly well to about 5 degrees F. I have yet to see one working that is more than 5 years old, electric or piped.

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I have seen them used. Unless he plans on spending a lot of money to keep the temp way up they will still allow snow to collect in a heavy fall. They are very expensive and unefficient to operate. Just a couple things he should think about.
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This system works fine we install them all the time! Its pretty simple it is just an extra zone that runs off your boiler it isn't that exspensive to run!Its just like in your house with hot water heat they are mostly set up with the bathrooms being the wild zones heat is constantly flowing! The correct way to install this #1 Get your base in #2 form the drive way then install your 4"steel mesh #3 You need to have a supplier or company design the lay out pattern for you.....Each run can only be 200'#4 You run the poly pex tubing according to the lay out design zip tying it to the mesh every foot running the line 8" apaprt from each other. (oops I forgot before you install the steel mesh you must lay down 2" of styro foam) Becareful not to kink the loops on your turns make a 1' loop I hope this helps if you have any ? feel free to email me at crad2828@aol.com or call are office Gale plumbing and hydronics at (616)-281-6999 they will answer any ? you have !Ask for Mike or Bob
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I remember seeing John Elway endorse these. There iare also heated sidewalks available.

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It is certainly a luxury item, but I have seen the results of heated driveways. A close friend sells for a heating and air company that installs them. The applications each had their own gas-fired boilers, and one was a 1 million BTU unit (large installation where money was no object). I don't recall how much the approx. 40' three land driveway cost to install heat, but I seem to remember thinking it was more than $30,000. I can get info if you want.

The results are dry driveways, when the streets are wet and slippery. I had another buddy whose front door was at the base of his steep driveway. He had electric heat out of necessiity, but found it was prohibitively expensive to operate.

I guess it depends on the customer. People don't have to be rich to get a paver driveway, but certainly must have money to spare. Heating a driveway is another level (at least around here). I don't think a customer who is willing to spend the money on pavers and heat is going to be worrying about operating cost. If so, driveway heat is probably not for him/her.
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