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Old 12-10-2001, 03:27 PM
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What are the advantages of the F-550?

I am wondering what the advantages of the F-550 is over the Chevy 3500 duramax diesiel are? I would be plowing with the truck. Does anyone know if the Ford diesiel is better than the Ford V10? Thanks...
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Old 12-11-2001, 04:31 AM
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the f 550 is better suited work truck than the 3500 duramax.. (especially for hauling a heavier loads) the 3500 is a one ton truck the f 550 is almost a two ton truck and yes the diesel is better for this type application
Billy and Christina Strickland Stricklands Lawn Care
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Old 12-12-2001, 11:01 PM
Kansas Turf Man Kansas Turf Man is offline
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Definetly go with the Powerstroke Diesel. I have one and love it. It gets much better milage than the v 10 anyway. When you get it by a hypertech Power Programmer III I have it and pull around 18 tons of sod with the thing on my 36" gooseneck. I have no problems pulling this even 80 mph down the interstate. If your going to be doing heavy pulling get the right gears I have 4.10 and am getting along great.
Nathan Downey
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North American Turf
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Old 01-03-2002, 10:00 AM
Atlantic Lawn Atlantic Lawn is online now
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Not really a Ford man but in this instance it's the only way to go.
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Old 01-03-2002, 10:32 AM
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Shady Brook Shady Brook is offline
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Maybe I missed something from a previous post, but it seems plowing is your main concern from this post. The Powerstroke is a monster, I have one in a 95, and it is a beast. I have heard good things about the v10 as well, but it will not have as much grunt as the Powerstroke, nor will it as good of mileage,nor will it have as high a resale. The stroke would be under warentee for the first 100,000, or 5 year, as opposed to 3 year 36 if I am not mistaken for the v10. When the diesel is out of warentee, it will be more expensive for parts, and labor then the gasser. The v10 will be cheaper up front.

Kind of like apples and oranges with a 3500 compared to a 550. The 550 I believe has a gvw of 17,500. while the chevy, depending or whether or not it is a dually would be a 2-3 TON'S lower then the 550! I would think with the front suspension, the 550 would be a tougher plow truck as well.

Will the 550 cost more then the 3500? Probably by a good amount.

What type of plowing you going to be doing. A big 550 will be great in an open lot, but if you are in tight areas, or doing residencial, I don't know how happy you woud be with a monster like that.

You could go with the 3500 HD, which I think has a gvw around 14, 500. Probably pretty similar to a F450.

It really all depends on your application. What will you haul, what type of plowing you are going to do, and how much you want to spend.

I wish I were in your shoes, truck shopping is FUN!

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Old 01-03-2002, 10:46 AM
Randy Scott Randy Scott is offline
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Originally posted by Matt .B
I was wondering if this was a decent setup for a landscape company that has been it for 10 yrs now? My dad and i started this business as a side job 10 yrs ago... Let me know what u think....

Ford F-650
Ford F-550
Ford F-550
Chevy 2500 HD
Chevy 2500 HD
Chevy 2500 HD
Debris System Mngt Truck
Debris System Mngt Truck

25ft Pintle
22ft Pintle
18ft Ball
16ft Ball
14ft Pintle

Fork Lift

Skid Steers
New Holland Ls-190
New Holland Lx-998

New Holland 1620 Boomer
New Holland 45-D Boomer

Lawn Mowers
1. Scag Turf Tiger 72”
2. Scag Turf Tiger 61”
1. Scag Super-Z 61”
2. Scag Hydro 61” Walk Behinds
3. Scag Hydro 52” Walk Behinds
1. Scag Hydro 48” Walk Behind
1. Great Dayne Hydro 52” or 36” Gateway Walk Behind

Push Mowers
2. Husqavarna

All Terrain Vehicles
1. Gator 6+4
1. Gator 4+4
1. Toro Work Horse

11. Echo 2601

Back Pack Blowers
5. Echo PB-650

Hand Held Blowers
5. Echo PB-260L

Walk Behind Blowers
3. Billy Goat 8hp

Power Brooms
3. Shindowa

Hedge Trimmers
4. Echo 2401

Collection Systems
5. Peco

Side Walk Edger’s
1. Echo

Bed Edger’s
2. Bed Master

Chain Saws
3. Husqavarna
1. Homelite

Truck Sprayers
2. Finn 300gal.

3. Jrco
1. Land pride(300lbs)

Bail Blowe
1. Finn

Hydro Seeder
1. Finn 150gal

Snow Plows

2. 10ft Boss V-Plows
3. 9’2”Boss V-Plows

Loader Attachments
1. Landscape Blade
1. 300lbs Spreader
1. 3 Point Hitch Lift
1. Backhoe

Skid Steer Attachments
1. Power Broom (Sweeper)
1. Forks
You tell us, you have more trucks than most guys on here!Don't waste your time answering this kid guys, he's full of it!

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Old 01-03-2002, 12:12 PM
odin odin is offline
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I agree with shady brook the f550 is a for all practical purposes a two ton truck and the 3500 is a one ton
Gm is in the process of bringing out new 1and half and two ton trucks
Unless you have big parking lots that are wide open i dont see getting a 550.
The 3500 is good for hauling a trailer load of equipment and grass and leaves in the dumpster.
We have a 1997 with the big pushrod gas in it and thats right for us because when we dont do a lot of heavy landscapeing
Our 2002 duramax pichup will pull a mountain.
I dont know how its gonna do with snow yet because around here we aint got none yet,
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Old 01-03-2002, 01:06 PM
CT18fireman CT18fireman is offline
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Go over to and either post this in the Ford forum or e-mail GeoffD. He knows everything there is to know on Ford SDs.
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