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Old 04-23-2013, 01:14 AM
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JimsLocalLawn JimsLocalLawn is offline
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Should I call this customer?

I had a good elderly client last year who paid on time weekly. She would not commit to a contract and she paid extra to go pay per cut. Never had a single problem, she was very happy with my service and would tip frequently.

This year I am seeing a total different client. I went a few weeks ago to see her and offer he a special on spring clean up. She told me she had a stroke and hasn't been right since. She said her son in law will do the clean up and she will call when she wants the grass cut again, she said she wants me to do the lawn this year just like last year but she will call first. It's been 2 weeks and haven't heard anything yet!

The lawn is getting high at this point! I went yesterday to look at it, but she wasn't home. She lives in a very upscale area and has a very nice home. She has had a very hard year so far ... she lost her husband and had a stroke.

So the question is... Would you go see her??? I am getting the feeling that finances are getting tight and she can't afford me no more, probably looking for a low-baller to maintain the lawn. She knows how tight my schedule gets and that I only work behind a schedule, yet has made no attempt to contact me for sign up for service. I am on my second cut of the season and her lawn is starting to look bad. Should I just let her go? Make another attempt to contact her? I don't like these pay per cut customers but she was fantastic!

What would you do?
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Old 04-23-2013, 03:55 AM
M&L M&L is offline
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Location: Central Valley
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Id probably just go hook her yard up one more time for free if it was a 45 minute or so property.
I bet all the tips from last year would cover a cut, plus it could win them back.

I went through something similar a few years back, and sadly enough the lady hadn't made any contact with us because she had died.
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Old 04-23-2013, 06:05 AM
herler herler is offline
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Do the right thing and go take care of it for her, no charge.
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Old 04-23-2013, 06:10 AM
LawnSite Bronze Member
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Sounds like she deserves a little love. Take care of her and karma will take care of you.
Good luck to all this season
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Old 04-23-2013, 06:32 AM
Raymond S. Raymond S. is online now
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If she's not quite right chances are you may get an azz chewin if you show up unannounced. She may mistake a good deed for you trying to sneak one in on her. I'd call and politely remind her. As far as you know she may have been waiting on you the past two weeks. She had a stroke right...may not even remember talking to you let alone that she's supposed to call.
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Old 04-23-2013, 06:50 AM
RussellB RussellB is offline
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I'd also just take care of it for free. Might even leave flowers and a get well card.
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Old 04-23-2013, 07:20 AM
pseudosun pseudosun is online now
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Remember, the son in law is in the picture. I think he is able to do it. It's nice to offer free service, but i couldn't do that. I had an alzeimer's customer who started to let his yard go. The family was rich, and was there all the time. I decided not to do it any longer. After struggling with the yard for a couple months, they hired a company to do it on a schedule. I don't think i'm at a point right now to be that generous; it should be the family's responsibility. Maybe later down the line, i'll do a couple of those. I have to make ends meet. Some families try to see what they can get away with. Of course, they would have been fine with free service, but they eventually got on board with a schedule. It just wasn't me. Do you think they would have got on a schedule with me after the free service. They'd probably take offense to that suggestion. I deal with alot of elderly, and i know every situation is different, but i've experienced family members stepping in expecting something for nothing. I can't do it.

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Old 04-23-2013, 07:29 AM
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CreativeLawncareSolutions CreativeLawncareSolutions is offline
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Yeah, I guess I'm a jerk because there's not a chance I'd mow lawn her for free. No good deed goes unpunished, unfortunately. I've been burned so many times it's not even funny. I've even had family members screw me over.

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Old 04-23-2013, 07:39 AM
pseudosun pseudosun is online now
LawnSite Bronze Member
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Posts: 1,704
I'm just wondering if any other regular service companies (pool, plumbers, ac, pest control, etc.) offer free service to stroke victims? How long do you do it for free? I think once you do it for free, you have to continue. It may be better to not start free service than to do it free then quit because it's too much. Good Luck either way.
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Old 04-23-2013, 08:01 AM
Tread Tread is offline
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Location: Charlotte MI
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Is she still alive ?
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