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First time buyer...

OK...first post here on the site. I have read many post over the past year and have finally made enough cash to purchase my first W/B. I tend to private homes and a couple commercial. I have a few steep banks to run and hilly terrian. A few questions I need answered the sales guys cannot:

What is the difference in single hydro vs dually on the turf and terrian, will one operate better on hills/slopes etc?

Is electric start a standard or a preferred upgrade; in other words is it worth the investment?

More horse power or smaller deck (32")? I will not go more than 36" maintain my small footprint I tend to.

Below are the makes I am considering: NOTE- they all will either be single hydro or dually, electric start.. maybe, and no larger than a 36" deck. I'd like to see other recommendations as well, based on my scenerio.

Better Outdoor
Cub Cadet

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dual hrdro has a hydro drive on each side which makes it easier to go straight on the side of a slope.

Electric start is all up to personal preference may make a small dif on the resale but not much

Exmark makes a great mower but are pricey
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Exmark is first choice, then Toro. The only way I would go with Better Outdoor is for a homeowner mower. Cub Cadet isnt even an option for me. I have an Exmark TTHP with 17hp and pull start. I prefer the pull start on a WB because it is one less maintanence issue. In my area, WB's are seldom smaller than 48. Unless you have small gates to deal with, I recommend a 48. If I were buying new, I would buy a 48 Toro Grandstand. It is a stand on or a WB if you need it to be. If you mow alot of lawns,after you chase a WB for a few weeks you will be wondering how to pull a sulky. They just dont work as well as a stand on mower. They may cost more to begin with but it will be money well spent. If you are a solo, Toro or Exmark mowers will last for years and the price difference between them and the off brands will be made up if and when you sell them. I started my business with an old Toro 44 belt drive. Within 2 months I bought an Exmark 66 Zturn because that WB was gonna wear me out. I replaced the Toro with a 48 Exmark TTHP that has a Proslide. It works for small lawns but not all that well. The cut is good but sulkies and Proslides are just a bandaid fix. My next mower will be a 48 Toro Grandstand. If you feel that you cant buy a new Toro or Exmark, buy a GOOD used one to start with.
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Exmark and Toro make great mowers. I've sold both in the past and still I say check out a Hustler Trimstar. Electric starts is more of a luxary than a need on a WB.

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I have a BOP 36" I hated this machine when I 1st got it. " bought it used"
pushed it one sided and left it there for about 7 months. finley got the time to mess with it. Put new blades on it. and now I wouldn't take anything for it.

It has been used and abused. and still going strong. lately the battery needs to be replaced, I will get around to this. however, using the pull rope is NOT a problem at all.

I would'nt go strickly pull rope. it can b a PITA. like inside the trailer and such.
the pull starter is kind of like a back up.

Best of luck to you what ever you decide on
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These are some of the things I wanted to hear about from the experienced! I greatly appreciate the feedback, THANK YOU! I have worked hard for my next investment and want to make a wise purchase. I priced the quick 36 dually compared to the others and it seems to have the best value for features and quality, I am not sold on buying a product from a manf. 500 miles away, for service reasons. A local Toro dealer has my attention, thanks to the feed back here. Exmark seems to be a great product as well. This narrows my search to TORO, EXMARK and BP. Any other valued points from you folks here are great gestures! THANKS AGAIN...LAWN SITE!
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Well i have not ran a BOP, but my next gate mower will be a 32 dually from them. They currently are the only ones to offer a dual hydro 32, but im not sure you are after strictly a gate mower.

In my opinion, a 48 walk behind is about a perfect residential mower. I am using a 52 inch z at the moment, but am really wishing i had bought a 48 walkbehind instead. They just tend to be a little more maneuverable on all the crap you have to go around on a resi yard.

I would go with either the turf tracer hp or the toro with the t2 controls. Both are great mowers, and will last forever.

However i dont know how much you are wanting to spend. If money is a bit of an issue, start with a BOP and then upgrade later on. I have heard nothing but good of these mowers, and my only drawback is like you, no dealers.

good luck with your choice, hope i helped some.
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