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Originally Posted by DeepGreenLawn View Post
What are your thoughts on sanding? I put some sand down for a guy that had a tree removed and wanted the new sod and the existing turf to be more "level." Tiny job that took just a few shovels... I had so much left over I just took it and put it on my yard for the fun of it... didn't figure it could hurt anything and maybe help it get a little more level as I like it nice and short.

It is river sand so I thought it might have some good micronutrients in it too? Sediment HAS to be good for something... HAS to be... if nothing else it will help with compaction as I just aerated not too long ago and there are still many holes in the ground... I left the other side of my driveway unsanded, tiny strip between my driveway and my neighbors, to see how much of a difference I can see... just for fun...

Is this something you would consider "organic" or "sustainable"? I am unsure the reason they dredge the lake here, I know the lake is manmade so maybe to keep the levels proper? Looks like good stuff though, curious as to what your thoughts are... something tells me I am about to get a lashing...
A couple of things, river sand that isn't washed and even if it is has a lot of weed seeds in it, so put down some pre M first, also the sand cooks the soil and you will have nut sedge pop up all over the place so get some Certainty or Image and some sticker to go with it, so it stays on the nutsedge.
I would mix a good Erth food, which is just very fine organic matter like pine bark etc, also core aerate your yard and drag the mixture into the punched holes so it goes into it, that will give your turf roots a place to feel warm and fuzzy, LOL also put down some high N fertilizer to get it growing and you'll be fine. Sanded lawns look best cut with a reel. Hope this helps
PS: River Sand really doesn't have any nutrients, it just helps smooth your yard and really doesn't level it, it would if you mix the Erth food with it, I would put in 30% min.
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I agree with bicmudpuppy. If you have clay soil, forget the sand. You'd be better off with a porous ceramic like Profile or a light compost.
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I was told not to bring sand to the beach, deep did we not go over this last year compost!!!!
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lol... i just wanted your opinions on sand... I had a trailer load left over so I figured why let it go to waste?
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Originally Posted by DeepGreenLawn View Post
lol... i just wanted your opinions on sand... I had a trailer load left over so I figured why let it go to waste?
Experiment, experiment -or - let it go to waste. This mixing mythology kills me.
Now that I know that clay's texture(platelets) has nothing to do with water infiltration, percolation, or drainage
,,, I wonder what does...
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