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Old 04-04-2002, 09:25 PM
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I am just around the 25 and 59 area or monroe

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Old 04-05-2002, 02:16 PM
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Why would you apply 24-5-11 after a UREA ap?

Won't the "balanced" fert cause "weed" grasses to seed after overwintering? I use straight N after X-mas...

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Old 04-05-2002, 08:42 PM
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I think you made a mistake fertilizing with that much nitrogen just after a urea application. Chances are very high that that lawn will burn. I hope for your sake you have wet and cool weather for the next couple of weeks
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Old 04-06-2002, 12:24 AM
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This stuff (the TG/CL N) was put down so thin, it wouldn't have that great of an effect in it anyway. I mean they REALLY skimped on the stuff. We've had nothing but wet weather lately anyway and since. I always go low on the N at the beginning of the season, and concentrate on the K durung the growing part of the spring. I love my thick lawns, but I don't like having 4 to 5 inches of growth a week. As far as color, my iron certainly helps, as I have always had the greenest lawns on the block. This thing is really selling itself! This is why I can say that after just one application, you (the customer) will see better results than any other service around. Guaranteed! There is no doubt, that I am giving these people the nicest lawns around. Even THEY are saying that now. The only problem is when I'm sometimes asked if I can give them the nicest looking lawn on their street. I sometimes have to tell them no, that is imPOSSible. They look at me a little startled, and ask why is that? I just simply tell them that it's because YOURS, isn't the only one on the street that I do! Usually, they just sort of smile... I LOVE this stuff!

Thank you, Dad - for always being the dad that you were. You truly are my hero. You always were.
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Old 04-06-2002, 09:05 AM
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[QUOTE]Originally posted by Runner
[B]Tru brown just off'ed something onto my neighbor that was all white crystals, looking much like salt, and they only spread it at a rate that put one crystal about every foot - foot and a half.
Chances are this was an application of straight 0-0-62. They have been pushing this app. for the past few years. Started in the warm season market and now appears to have been rolled over to cool season as well. Muriate of Potash is widely used in their mixes and rates run anywhere from .25 to .75 lb/m. It is difficult to spread evenly since it does have a consistency of table salt or very fine sand (it is a mineral.) This is one of their famous "supplemental apps", sold to boost revenue. They also sell a "maintenance level" lime app. A soil test prior to this is a rarety. Seems the sales reps have developed a keen sense of soil pH over the phone. This is done by applying lime at a max rate of 10-15 lb/m. Dolomitized lime bought at $90/ton then full app. price charged. This reflects a profit margin of.....Oh My God! Hey if they keep this up, they may be able to have the annual-corporate-year-end-meeting in Hawaii again. Yeahhhh!
PS This is not based on pure speculation or opinion. Believe me, I know.
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