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hate the t bar.....any solutions

I just bought a gear drive, floating deck t bar mower from my dealer. I have had pistol gears and hydros before. I wanted the turbo force deck because they are great on the zeros. In order to do so I had to get the t-bar. Anyone know if I can convert it to a pistol. Dealer said no. I would rather not try to sell it or try to get my dealer to try to get it back.
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Jon Schuler -

Sorry, but we (Toro) have not designed this mower to be converted from one control system to another and therefore cannot endorse making such a drastic control change.

The Toro Company
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I mean I know this is a question that doesn't change anything. But, why didn't you demo the T-BAR design before buying it? Or ask the questions you just asked to the dealer? Just sounds weird that you spent thousands of dollars on something that you dont like the controls on or weren't familiar with before you took delivery of it.
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The t bar is conceptually the opposite from pistol grips. It's not going to be instantly comfortable. But I have used both and I can't imagine the pistol grips/ECS being easier in any way. I can one-hand a Toro T bar when it's adjusted correctly. See if you can find someone with experience on them to show you a few tricks of the trade when making tight turns and such. It's not a hydro but pretty darn close in situations that don't actually require backing up.

Proper hand positioning on the bar, palms down with the webbing of your thumbs under t bar out near the corners applying light pressure, fingers on the fixed brace bar(NOT on t bar as you will smash them if you hit a bump) works best I find. To back up on flat areas or when pointed up hills, simply apply slight pressure to neutral out and remove friction from pulleys and use your fingertips to pull the mower back. Works like a charm when you get the hang of it.

You can also one-hand the machine to prevent blades cutting off and keep it in the neutral position and use your second hand to pull the machine from the rear handlebar.
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T-bar is awesome.. belt drive not so much.
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Give it a chance. I run T-bars that are gear driven and we love them, way higher productivity than with pistol grips. Once you become familiar with the system, get a sulky, mowing with it will be second nature, and almost effortless.
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What do you not like about it?? They are the second best walk behind controls on the market! 2nd to the T2!

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