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Blaster Lawn Mower Tune-Up

Picked up a can of "Blaster Lawn Mower Tune-Up" at TSC. Directions: For sure starts in spring Spray for 20 seconds (3 oz.) in to spark plug hole, let stand 15 min. Start engine, carbon, gum, and varnish deposits are emulsified and removed with emissions. To keep engines tuned, Spray into carb for 5 seconds with engine running. Does anyone have any experience with this product? Does it work?
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Potions such as that are good for breaking carbon loose so it can get stuck under a valve thus causing a skip or total engine shut-down, Then you get to remove the head to clean the carbon out like you should have done to start with.....
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Originally Posted by betmr View Post
My wife can spin straw into gold.
Agreed there. There isn't really a shortcut to "cleaning" your engine. If your mower doesn't start, starting fluid is a shortcut to getting it started, but to get it to run better, you need to go the whole way.
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Carbon deposits are as burned as burned can get, right? So how can an added product propose to further burn them out? As stated above, they likely chip-off - rather than disappear into smoke. Hopefully they end up in the muffler and out of the combustion zone.

What to do to help prevent those deposits from depositing there in the first place is the task at hand for preventative/regular maintenance...
1) Using fresh fuel - or at least properly stabilized fuel, regular oil and filter changes, properly gapped sparkplug, & a clean and regularly changed air filter - is just the beginning.

2) Knowing how/when to shut the fuel off, proper Winterization, and a thorough check come Spring prior to first-startup - are just some of the highlights I've picked up around here.

3) Learning linear troubleshooting thought processes leads to a better understanding of 'how everything is working together in there'. Then, one may realize when it's time to shut their machine down at the first sign of trouble...instead of hoping that whatever symptom(s) they see will just go away and subsequently cost them an engine.
4)...& there's a whole lot more: IE cleaning cooling fins, adjusting carbs, etc...

Some swear by oil & fuel additives, others don't believe in them at all. My guess is that they are potentially useful at the right time...and hopefully they assist in less deposit's forming.

The mechanics that chime-in around here have a vast knowledge as well as a feel for all things mechanical. They are much appreciated!

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You want to clean your intake?

Run a name brand premium unleaded 93 octane, always.
That's all I do, more money is wasted on additives than just buy the nice fuel and be done.

Originally Posted by betmr View Post
My wife can spin straw into gold.
No way, seriously?
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