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Hugggeee Power washing job(need help)

i have a huge lawn/landscape contract 57 aces of mowing and weedwhacking 45,000 tombstones in a graveyard.

they want a price for power washing all 45,000 tomb stones. I have no idea where to start recomend equipment to use. Pricing would help too.

Im thinking i need a huge tow-bind water tank with an engine to supply the power washers. or maybe there is a beter machine to use?

I was thinking about charging $45,000 to do this but i dont know. What do you think? is that way too much?
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I think you left two details out, that I would need to help you on it a one time cut and weed wack job plus the power washing or will you continue to cut and weed wack the cemetery for the season.

other detail of the 45,000 headstones what percentage is above ground, in many of our local cemeteries the new burials are in the ground with headstones that are below grass level thus enabling you to mow over them...

also look into some growth control products to treat these headstones so the grass doesn't need trimmed as frequently...if you get the job, that is....

the overall price looks low to me...that is less than a grand per acre for the season not including the powerwashing

but if it is a one time deal that looks high because they would likely look at the bid as a dollar per headstone...or that they would think that is how you priced it, not taking in to consideration time/equipment usage etc....

as for equipment, if this is a one time deal renting a tow behind unit would be the best deal unless you would have other use for the equipment. You can pick of a several hundred gallon storage tank and hook a pump up to it to supply your washer

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There are many different types of stone used to make head stones and they all clean up differently. Your cleaning agent may work on one type but will damage another and too much pressure will damage them also.

Do a LOT of research before taking on this project or you may end up replacing the ones you damage. Better yet, network with someone that specializes in head stone cleaning/restoration and give it to them.
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Exactly what Jim said. There is a company called Grave Groomers that specializes in headstone cleaning. This is not a typical cleaning job. The stones will be fragile, feeble, and aged. You are responsible for every single one of them.

For the record, $45,000 for this job wouldn't even get me to return their call. Multiply that by a few and you'll be in the ballpark. That's just for the cleaning, doesn't include the landscaping, etc.
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