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how to fertilize old compacted soil

there was a path behind my yard that has been used as a ALLEY WAY for years and the soil has been compacted and seems very dusty and dry..... I thought this was a public alley way but a site revealed that this patch of land is mine. I just gained another 7' FEET of backyard space!! I had a guy with a bob cat to come through and break up the dirt & the tire tracks from YEARS worth of cars using the alley way.

now that I gained an additional 7 feet of backyard space I wanted to see what I need to do to extend my fescue over this new area but like i said the soil has been compacted and seems very dusty and dry ...

What do i need to do to condition this soil and try to get some seeds down THIS WEEKEND or should I just try to condition now and all summer long and have to wait until the FALL to try to seed this new 7' x 50' area ......
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Seed now. Apply starter fertilizer. Use top-quality seed, tall fescue, to match your present yard. Water it every day for 30 days.
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Aerate the soil and add compost. From the soil conditions you are describing I'd suggest doing this twice a year. This will improve soil structure, nutrient cycling, and drought tolerance.
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compost is a good idea. But also, if this a heavy traffic area till-in some Turface MVP or Field and Fairway with the compost and reseed if it's bare. You'll probably have to reseed in the fall too, if we're talking fescue; might not make it through the summer.

Soil might be worth testing. Is it high in Magnesium? That's a common problem 'round here.
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the soil has been compacted and seems very dusty and dry with a chunks of rock & concrete buried in some sections...i removed as much as i could but that soil seems UNREHABITABLE!!!

the area is 50ft long x 7ft wide...... i can get brand new premium organic top soil dumped on top of this area but if i do that I need to know HOW DEEP SHOULD IT BE? HOW DEEP ARE FESCUE GRASS ROOTS? I may have to sacrifice a small sample section of my fescue to see how deep the roots go?
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I had somewhat the same thing a few years back when I bought my house. For some reason they had a 6' x 20' concrete walkway going nowhere in the backyard. I removed it in April of that year and the soil was like concrete. My friend used a bobcat and broke the soil up. I top dressed it with some new screened soil, added a bag of Milorganite, starter fertilizer and seeded. The grass came in well and green, but by August, this area turned a little pale green/yellow, almost the same dimension of the old walkway. I applied liquid fertilizer to this area and it greened up for a week or so then pale again until I reapplied liquid. The next year it looked like the rest of the lawn all year.
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If this was my problem I would add 10 inches or so of quality top soil after removing the large rocks. I would seed the area and lightly rake it into the soil. I wouldnt use a whole bunch of seed due to the results you will get planting right now. It will come up as long as you keep the seed moist but you will get limited root growth right now causing it to start dying off in the summer heat. Keep it watered all summer and you will save most of the grass. Oh ya dont forget the starter fertilizer I like using 20.20.10 and putting it down at 4lbs/k.
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