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Old 06-09-2010, 08:26 PM
southern118 southern118 is offline
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Originally Posted by TMlawncare View Post
Even with a 3 man crew 15 lawns in 2.5hrs is very difficult. We can do it in a sub division where we have 7 lawns all together and another with 8 lawns. This practically eliminates wasted windshield time, etc. If the routing was not that close I don't think we could get then done no matter how small the lawns are. The windshield, loading/unloading would kill you. Think about it this way, you must be getting a lawn done in less then 10 minutes. If you have to drive to the next lawn you must deduct your drive time plus your loading/unloading from that 10 minutes. Crap you may be left with only 3 minutes to get the lawn mowed, trimmed and blowed off. Like I said if the lawn are not in groups of 7 or more we or probably no one else could not get them done in 2.5 hrs.
i understand but these are small lots and they are grouped in 3 to 5 lots within walking distance of each other. on that day the only time we move the truck is down the street while the mower is driving down the street no loading it. we work very hard to out run the mower
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Old 06-12-2010, 08:25 AM
lawncuttinfoo lawncuttinfoo is offline
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Originally Posted by hackitdown View Post
This is pretty realistic, regardless of what some will say. People in some parts of the country don't believe that we can charge what we charge in the Northeast.
I believe it, but you have to remember a $500,000 home there also will cost $150,000 in another part of the country, which is why it totally pointless to talk pricing on national scale, cost of living is dramatically different.

I'm Gonna move to Zimbabwe and beat you all because I will be netting zim$1,000,000,000 per hour.
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Old 03-22-2011, 11:57 PM
we dig it's Avatar
we dig it we dig it is offline
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How you making this daily? How many accounts do you service daily on average?
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Old 03-23-2011, 10:53 AM
keepoffthegrass keepoffthegrass is offline
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Originally Posted by nepatsfan View Post
i generally like to gross between $750-$850 out of a 2 man crew and its usually more like 9-9.5 hour days.

he is right on my number. 750-850 per 9-10hr day if its 12hrs so be it.

$1000 for a 3 man crew

$1350 for a 4 man mafia

I quote large 4man crew stuff at 1350/day (4 guys, 26' gooseneck/crew cab & 4l ZTR's) I am winning bids on municiple/school bids etc left and right. All the companys hate me.. am I a low baller?????
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Old 03-23-2011, 11:22 AM
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Kelly's Landscaping Kelly's Landscaping is offline
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It really depends on the list I run 2 two man crews my partner has just half of Milford but has 110 lawns on that side. I have 4 towns on my list but they are bigger lawns and while my cutting list can not compare the difference is 2k a year customers vs. 1k or less a year customers. Now he refused to do his list in 4 days so it was crammed into 3 2800-2950 a week in 3 days mine was 2450-2600 a week in 3 days. So where my best days were like 850 he actually had 1100 dollar days sometimes AND WONT LET ME FORGET IT.

He had some real help with his numbers that I don't get I got real drive time he doesn't. and when I cut a lawn the price per sqft is significantly less since they are so much larger. I also do not have a 125 dollar a cut 45 min condo job he does. I produce 3-5 yards of grass clippings a day he averages about 1. But they are both still profitable lists his is just more so right till his dries out in summer and all of a sudden he has 4 times the skips I get.
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Old 03-23-2011, 06:11 PM
TMlawncare TMlawncare is offline
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Originally Posted by jasonnau View Post
Alright, here's the exact break down for this past week. This is personal stuff here!
Tuesday: 9.25 hours, gross income for mowing: $719
Wednesday: 9.5 hrs, gross income for mowing: $637
Thursday: 5.5 hrs (didn't start until noon rain delay): gross income from mowing: $441
Friday: 7.25 hrs, gross income from mowing: $607

Total gross income from mowing: $2404
Total hours: 31.5 X two employees @ $21 per hour together
Gas equals out to about $5 per hour
Workers comp, ss, unemployement: somewhere around 15% additional per hour
Those #'s look pretty good. Some days you are grossing around $38 per man hour average for the whole day. That is right where we are.
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Old 03-23-2011, 06:16 PM
TMlawncare TMlawncare is offline
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Originally Posted by jasonnau View Post
23.60 per hour per man is what I calculated for this last week. My original calculation was for two weeks ago. This is after the extra 15% and 5$ per hour on fuel. So anyway does this fall in line with what I should expect?
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When you post your gross per employee don't pull expenses out. It just confuses everyone and you get incorrect info.
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Old 03-23-2011, 06:51 PM
aarons lawn's Avatar
aarons lawn aarons lawn is offline
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when i used to work by my self id gross about 6 to 700 a day
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Old 03-23-2011, 07:46 PM
TMlawncare TMlawncare is offline
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Location: nw missouri
Posts: 1,197
Originally Posted by nepatsfan View Post
Why wouldn't you expect to make 40-50 dollars per man hour. LOL is this unreasonable. If you had two guys make $500 dollars in an 8 hour day they are screwing off A LOT or you are a big time lowballer.
$500 is a little low. Most of us would expect or like to see $600. At $500 each employee is grossing $250. Assuming a 8hr day with 1.5hrs of downtime thats 6.5hrs of production. The 1.5 wasted hrs is bathroom breaks, loading/unloading, driving between accounts. Usually on a tight route there is about 5 minutes of downtime between jobs. Assuming they do 18 lawns a day thats 90 minutes of downtime. So with only 6.5 hrs of production each employee is averaging $38/per hour on the jobsite and $31/per hour throughout the day. I personally would like to see it a tad higher but that is not awful.
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Old 03-23-2011, 07:58 PM
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For two people crew, one employee and's $400 per day minimum.

THAT'S MY TARGET FOR MYSELF AND ONE OTHER. $500 per day is getting more like it. Mind you that's two total folks with me being one. If you are speaking of yourself the owner and two others on the clock, adjust appropriately. I pay my guys $75 per day, so two would be $150 labor where 25% labor cost x $400 day ain't much so you have to boost it up. $75 labor off $400 gross is good. My numbers and percentages should keep you within reasonable profitability.
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