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mowing through trees

I was wondering what is the best method to get the look of mowed through trees using a ZTR.

Thanks for any hints and tips
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This works for me...
Go right up to the tree, then go around it on the side you haven't cut yet.... then continue to the end of the line.... when going back on the next pass, your stripe/tracks will correct the curve around the tree..... hope this helps, kinda hard to explain...
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This works good for me, mow right up to the tree, mow complete circle around maybe two depends how big tree and what kind, then start back with stripe pattern, Kind of hard to explain, maybe you could hire me for an hour and I could show on some trees lol...... Hope this helps..... it looks cool from a distance...
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i mow around the tree, doesnt matter what side, but when im finished i go over my circular tracks with a fresh straight stripe. this is very effective when you run into a long row of them. i have a lawn with a row of pine trees bordering the yard on one side.

i wouldn't recomend this method if the trees are spuraticaly placed.
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Yea, what Navig8r said..... thats what I do and it looks perfectly perfect like you are visualizing... it doesn't matter if you end up having a tiny bit more trimming because of a triangle shape left by not circling the tree completely, its worth it for that great look. If it's a real small lawn and you want to look really good, use your feet and scuff them on the lawn in the direction of the stripe, over the area where your mower didn't go that you had to trim. That helps define it alittle better. Not really necessary unless this is your big money lawn or your waiting on the other guy to finish blowing, trimming, whatever.
My 2 cents...
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Mow a clean circle arund the tree when you come to it. Sometimes, before, depending on what side you will end up passing it on. If you are doing a row, and you have a tree you are coming up on that is LESS than a full mower width away for the next row, then you break off and circle around it THEN. This will allow you to go around the other side with your discharge side against the bed if necessary, without getting many clippings in the bed or on the tree (or whatever object you're going around). Also, if you want to be REAL neat about it, once you circle around the bed or tree, back up to it, and then proceed straight forward. This puts your tracks right to the edge. This REALLY works well for those that have stripers that hang right from the very back of the mower. The beauty of doing this is that when you circle around the front or back of the tree before you back up, you can do a lazier or gradual turn before you back up. You don't have to follow the exact curve of the bed to potentially tear up turf with the wheels.

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i agree with navig8r. i mow up to the tree as close as possible. mow around the tree on the side that your going to continue mowing on. if the discharge side is toward the tree, and im cutting tall, wet grass, ill pick up the deck slightly to eliminate any clippings from sticking to the tree. (you can get it on the next pass) than continue down your stripe. easy as pie!

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