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Old 01-23-2011, 07:44 PM
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Your numbers are amazing you are working the guys about 40 weeks per year per employee. Considering you have 4 months of winter those are great numbers!!
I assume you work about 50 weeks per year.
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Old 01-23-2011, 10:50 PM
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Originally Posted by TScapes View Post
First off... I find that this statement is half true and half opinionated.

Let me back up a little, there are tons of people on this site that think you should not worry about the square footage of the turf, beds, or anything of the sorts. They also laugh when you mention the idea of tracking linear feet of beds (soft lines) and sidewalks-drives (hardlines). Those are probably the same people that can claim to drive up to a property and spit out a price from their front seat. Not bashing that philosophy, I just operate from a different school of thought. Having been trained by the big dawgs and used their formulas and seen how they account for everything they do... I like that mode of thinking. Every property I walk onto for a potential sale, I measure everything and sometimes take pictures. It allows me to see on paper and visually what I am actually bidding on and gives me a hard number to base my costs on. Every size mower takes a different time to cut a yard. (ie: patterns, obsticles, etc) Every operator of that machine has a different time for each yard. Heat, time of day, outside influences all effect their time. However, if you can develop an average "time" for each of those size mowers, it gives you a measuring tool at your disposal in which to bid with favorable accuracy. When you factor in your drive time, load and unload time, fuel costs, etc. all into that same bid sheet.... whoalla.... you have a bidding tool that will show you your costs for that "individual" property. That is what it is... a TOOL. Adjusting numbers or what not to get the job/sale is your call, but in my experience it is my best tool that I carry.

All the big guys do this.... Brickman, TGLC, Valley Crest, US Lawns, ECI and so on. They must use it for some reason.
I like your post about measuring everything off. The more I think about it the more I think. My question is big companies like Brickman, Valley Crest, and US Lawns which I have all seen in my area measure off everything like linear feet edged or trimmed and total square feet of lawn mowed? I can only imagine it takes some time but just from reading this and thinking about it, it looks 100 times more professional. Showing these numbers on a bid to a potential client would make them feel more confident with your bid and services. I cut about 95% residential but would like to get into some smaller commercial properties. This information will definitely be useful in the near future placing bids on residential or commercial customers.
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Old 01-23-2011, 10:59 PM
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Originally Posted by oldclawn View Post
I went a different direction many years ago as I am not a numbers crunching fan. Like many who have spoken, doing an "eyeball" estimate can be risky, and is primarily a tool for more experienced people. One number that I have always like to look at is the years total gross income, divided by exactly how many hours (not just production hours but every prep hour, rain days, service, etc). My total hours paid for the entire year was 8224 (4 employees plus myself) producing $493,500 in total gross. This amazingly equates out to $60.00 per each hour of payroll. If I can't live on this in this very competitive market, then I really have an internal cost control problem! Over the last ten years this per hour figure has remained reasonably constant, from a low of $57.25 to a high of $62.60.
Love your number and how you have everything down to the last .01 cent. Question for you about it. You say you go by you total gross income. Previous years your were at 494K okay. How does this number help you bid on properties the next year. Last season say you were at $60/hour. So next season you are going to go off of this number plus or minus added or lowered expenses when bidding properties. Hope this does not sound dumb to you just want to make sure I understood it correctly.
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Old 01-24-2011, 09:47 AM
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Originally Posted by BrendonTW View Post
I don't know how you got your calculations, but they weren't correct. The end result was almost right on though.

18,224 square feet to mow = 14 minutes or .77min/1k square feet = $17.50
545 linear feet to edge = 4 minutes or 136ft/min = $5.00
235 linear feet to trim = 1.25 minutes or 188ft/min = $1.56
18 trees to trim (spacing will always be different) = 3.75 minutes or .2min/tree = $4.69
and blowing off drive and sidewalk is about 1.5 times the time it takes to edge = $7.50
$36.25 at 1.25/minute plus the $35 call out is $71.25
XLS and BrendonTW,

How did either of you guys calculate these numbers? Tye out the math formula on here. At $65/ hour that is $16.25 per 15 minutes. With only 14 minutes mow time both of you were over $17. not sure if I am missing something here or if the numbers include the call out fee(35)? Just a little miss led here.
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Old 02-08-2011, 11:40 AM
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[QUOTE=BrendonTW;3852064]I will check that out soon. I will also upload mine when I'm finished. It's going to be really powerful!

Did you ever upload that spreadsheet? I would like to compare it to mine.
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Old 02-08-2011, 02:31 PM
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No, I got slowed down working on it. I will as soon as I'm done. Thanks for checking!
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