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Old 01-31-2011, 04:59 PM
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Ya know whats really funny is; and I just read this off the USF Polytechnic site is that Florida is presently providing somewheres around 75 percent of the nationís supply of phosphate fertilizer and about 25 percent of the world supply.

Who remembers all the contaminated waters and pollution these processing plants produced a few years back?
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Old 01-31-2011, 06:29 PM
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Yes, we are the fourth largest producer of phosphorus in the world. We sit on top of the deposit. As I understand it, residential contribution is just a drop in the bucket compared to commercial industry for water use and waste, along with phosphorus pollution.

Then we have the sugar industry doing us the favor in the reclaiming the Everglades (a misnomer) in dumping partially decomposed (still Hot) compost from our landfills into the Everglades in order to create more planting acreage.

Yeah, they are reclaiming it all right. When did we initiate the phospate ban in laundry detergent? Does anyone remember?
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Old 01-31-2011, 07:15 PM
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Originally Posted by Ric View Post
If we must mandate, then let those laws be perceived as Fair and Righteous. All the laws in the world are not good unless the majority of people agree to abide by them. In the case of the following link to a study presently before our State Legislation, I feel this is a very workable compromise. BTW it was written by educated people from all areas of concern.

IMHO the Black Out Bans will never work because the majority of people just won't believe it is a fair law. My Biggest problem with Tree Hugger is not that I believe organics don't work. I use Organics in both L&O and Structural Pest control successfully. My big problem with Tree Huggers is their lack of willingness to compromise and use both synthetic and organic depending on the job at hand. I value the best from both worlds.

BTW we could cut out all products both Organic and Synthetic from Horticulture and still not stop the pollution problem. It is not just Agriculture but also Industry that is polluting our environment.
Ric, Not sure if it is just me and my internet connection, but the link you provided is not working.
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Originally Posted by Michael Geist Yard Works View Post
Ric, Not sure if it is just me and my internet connection, but the link you provided is not working.
Try this link

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