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Old 08-26-2000, 08:06 PM
diggerman diggerman is offline
LawnSite Senior Member
Join Date: Aug 2000
Location: Iowa
Posts: 702
I am located in Ames Iowa and am in a host of businesses.They are Excavation,snow removal,Parking lot sweeping,and some mowing.I have been in the excavation and snow removal business since I was twelve, I am now 33. I work with my father and before that both he and my grandfather. I spent four years in New York at boarding school and would work snow at home during my breaks.In the last 3 years we have added sweeping and some mowing.The sweeping and mowing came about as an idea to present the client with a total maintenance package and has been going fair,the idea may be a little ahead of its time. We employ about 15 part and full time people. They handle everything form the excavation to snow removal to the management of or 100 apt units. Our lawn care consists of about 20 private and comercial lawns,Our excavation does every thing from grading to demolition to utilty work. our sweeping does approx 10 locations from 1 to 3 times a week. The snow removal last year was 183 individual commercial addresses(no residential)plus the local airport with 1.5 mile of run way 100 ft wide plus the same in taxi ways 50 ft wide,apron and 3 hanger isles.We will expand this year some. Our equipment consists of:
93) chevy 1/2 ton 8'2" boss
92) chevy 2wd with hyd sander
92) chevy blazer 8'2" boss
90) chevy 1/2 ton v6 9'2" boss
89) chevy 3/4 ton 9'2" boss
90) dodge 1/2 ton beefed front sus.8'2" boss
92) dodge 1ton single rear wheel 9'2" boss
91) dodge 1 ton single rear wheel 9'2" boss
90) ford 3/4ton ext cab 8'2" boss
89) ford 3/4 ton gas sander

00) mack rd 400hp 17' dump w/ cheater will have 11'reversable
99) mack rd 400hp 17'dump w/cheater has 11' reversable
96) mack ch 612 13'dump single axle w/ cheater will have 11' reversable.
97) gmc topkick 366 gas 10' dump has 11' reversable
90) c60 low pro 366 w/auto short wheel base 5th wheel truck w/10' western and gas sander
80)ford two ton w/3208,11'reversable,10ft hyd sander
69) oshkosh 12'oneway , will have 11' reversable 10ft sander

99) cat 938 g 3yd loader w/ ride control,quick tach bucket,traction control,has 11' plow and 16' protec
00) 416cit cat w/4in1,11'quick tach plow,14'protec on 3yr lease
99) 416c/928 The 416c is used summers and traded winter for the 928 which has a 14'protec
90) jd 770a road grader 14' moleboard, fixed v plow
00) case 90xt with snow bucket ,6ft broom,7.5ft plow(hoping to put a blizzard on it this year)cab,heat/air,ride control hyd bucket coupler,regular and high flow hyd,two speed(13mph)

96?)ford 1620 4x4, hydstat cab heat,6'plow,rear broom,rear box blade,60" belly mower
99) jd 4100 4x4 hyd 4' blade,modified 400 series 2 stage blower to fit quick tach coupler 5' anglable rear blade
90) agco allis 80hp 4x4 tractor cab,heat/air(burn I bought will have done by winter ,i will put 11' blade on front and 8' hyd angle rear blade on it)
89)318 cab heat 4' blade
99)toro 56" walk behind w/ 30"? wheel horse snow blower modification
?) various other blowers amounting to about seven
many) spring steel shovels and plastic snow pushers from 20" to 4'

other equipment:
99 exmark 72" ztr
5 weed wackers
3)stihl backpack blowers
98) cat 320bl 40,000# hyd excavator
96) cat 313 bsr 29,000# hyd excavator
99) fiat 145 crawler loader
?) cat 955l crawler loader
89,90)vans w/10 and 16ft trailers
85) jeep cherokee 4x4 and trailer

97)w4 chevy w/nighthawk vac sweeper
96) ford cab over w/ elgin eagle broom sweeper
88) ford f 600 with tymco 350 vac sweeper
We have to shops and a part time welder
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Old 08-29-2000, 11:36 PM
landscaper3 landscaper3 is offline
LawnSite Bronze Member
Join Date: May 2000
Location: Southern, Maine
Posts: 1,354
Location souther Maine, Years in business 6 years young. Our business name is Ideal Landscaping we provide profesional ground maintenance too residential, commercial and municiple facilitys.

Our equipment

25hp Walker GHS mower 48" deck with tail lock
20hp Walker GHS mower 48" deck with tail lock and power dump
Walker 52" side discharge deck with mulching kit
Walker 42 GHS deck
Toro Pro-line 52" walk behind ( love that t-bar stearing)
Toro Pro-line 48" walk behing Ditto
3 Echo 2601 trimmers
1 Shindawa power broom (one of my best investments)
1 echo Hand held blower
1 Echo 52cc back pack blower
1 Echo shredder vac
16' international trailer with trimmer traps, gas and loose equipment holders.

Not enough rakes, shovels and other tools ( they tend to disapear)
Next purchase is a 11hp truck loader due to endless fall and spring cleanups here in Maine.
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Old 08-29-2000, 11:46 PM
landscaper3 landscaper3 is offline
LawnSite Bronze Member
Join Date: May 2000
Location: Southern, Maine
Posts: 1,354
Hello my name is Brian from Ideal Landscaping Property Services. We are located in Southern Maine.
Summer equipment
25hp Walker 48" GHS tail lock big bagger
20hp Walker 48" GHS tail lock big bagger
Walker 52"with mulching kit, 42"GHS deck
Toro Proline 52" love that t-bar
Toro Proline 48" ditto
3 Echo 2601 trimmers, 1 Echo shredder vac, 1 Echo 52cc backpack blower and 1 hand held held Echo blower,
1 Shindawa power broom best investment!!!
assorted other equipment.

Winter maintenance
1 1997 Ford F350 powerstroke diesel 8' plow 22mpg summer
1 1996 Ford F350 Powerstroke diesel 8' plow 19mpg weird huh
1 2.5 yard sander and a toro sno-blower

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Old 09-07-2000, 02:31 AM
65hoss's Avatar
65hoss 65hoss is offline
LawnSite Fanatic
Join Date: Sep 2000
Location: Memphis, TN
Posts: 6,360
My turn

I'm Eric, I have a small business in Memphis. I started full time this spring, got tire of my job as a Retirement Plan Consultant (401k & profit sharing plans). I do have a degree in accounting, but the reason was to be able to run my own business. I have about 50 clients, 95% residential and 5% commercial.

1998 F150
1999 48" Encore hydro walkbehing with sulky
2000 36" Exmark walkbehind (unbelievable mower)
1982 21" Honda commercial and still starts on 1st pull.
2000 Stihl trimmer, blower, hedge trimmers, chain saw
2000 Rock Solid Plugr 30" aerator

Within 3 weeks:
Either Exmark Z or DC

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Old 09-08-2000, 07:32 PM
neighborguy neighborguy is offline
LawnSite Member
Join Date: May 2000
Location: Southeastern Wisconsin
Posts: 187
Hello all, you are what I hope to be within the next few years. I am currently working for a compnay in my area and slowly trying to build a client base from side jobs. The major difference that I am noticing between everyone else and myself, is that I am trying to concentrate mostly on construction (patios, retaining walls, etc.). I live in southern Wisconsin and currently have very little equipment. The best I can do right now is rent a lot of the specialty equipment and just use my wheelbarrow, shovels and other hand tools.
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Old 09-23-2000, 10:29 PM
Scag48's Avatar
Scag48 Scag48 is offline
LawnSite Fanatic
Join Date: Jul 2000
Location: Marysville, WA
Posts: 6,069
Hey everyone

I'm 14 years old and am located in Chelan Washington.I started mowing this year to earn some extra money and just to do it because I liked it. Little did I know I was getting into something great. I did have 8 jobs but it has shrunk to 2 due to cheap people (again).

What I started with:
Toro Recycler (awesome mower)

What I have now:
Toro Recycler
Homelite Trimmer
Stihl BR320 Blower (can't beat it)

Within the next 5 months:
Honda Commercial or Toro Commercial 21"
Sthil FS80 trimmer

Not much for equipment but it's a start. For all of you out there that don't mow yet that want to, go for it. I had alot of fun doin' it and makin' people's lawn look great is an awesome feeling. You're thinkin' when you get done with a lawn, "god, that does look good!" So go for it. And for the rest of you guys mowing already, KEEP IT GREEN!

Go hard, go fast, or go home
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Old 09-24-2000, 10:01 AM
Pauls Mowing Pauls Mowing is offline
LawnSite Member
Join Date: Sep 2000
Location: Sioux Falls, SD
Posts: 206
Hello Everyone I'm Paul in Sioux Falls, South Dakota I'm a locomotive engineer by trade, got into the lawn service quite by accident. Had bought a 98 Sears 18HP garden tractor with 46" deck to keep the yard looking nice, then bought a piece of industrial property for an investment. Used the Sears to mow that also. My wife manages HUD properties, so I do the lawn work and snow removal.

Currently have:
1998 Chevy X-cab 4x4 pickup
2000 DCT trailer, 6x10'
1998 Sears 18HP Garden tractor, 46" deck and 36" tiller
2000 DR Field and Brush mower, 15hp Kaw., 46" lawn deck on order
1995 Sears 10HP, 32" tracked snow blower
1990 Poulan trimmer
1990 Poulan 20" chain saw
various hand tools

We currently mow 14 properties, and mainly concentrate on weed mowing and right-of-way mowing. The DR Field and Brush mower is an excellent piece of machinery, pulling lots of work in an area few people will get into. We decided to keep the industrial property, and have a 30 x 48 foot shop going up on it shortly.
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Old 09-24-2000, 05:37 PM
script script is offline
LawnSite Member
Join Date: Sep 2000
Location: southern louisiana
Posts: 115
Hi, my name is Bobby and I'm 35 years old from New Orleans, Louisiana. I worked at a bulk cargo transfer terminal on the Mississippi River for about 8 years, and started cutting grass for some extra cash about 3 1/2 years ago. I Quit the river and have been full time for about 2 1/2 years now. I cut solo except during summer vacation and my 16 year old son helps out 2-3 days a week until school starts back up.

Started with:
87' Isuzu p'up
murray residential mower
homelite string trimmer(small curve shaft)
weed eater brand hand held blower.
I eventually bought a Dixon ztr 2301

Now have:
98' Dodge Ram Pick Up
97' Texas Bragg 5x10 open trailer w/jungle jim gear caddy
98'Scag 48" WB w/14 hp pro kohler
21" toro 22040
21" snapper
echo pe 2400 stick edger
echo srm 2400 trimmer
Husky 145BF backpack blower
and misc. tools.

Some interest:
this forum, football (pro, college, and high school)
my familly, and up until about 2 years ago was heavy into body building, which I'm trying to start up again.

I love pulling up to a yard that looks "O.K.", and pulling away from a "perfectly manicured lawn".

I'm learning alot from this forum and am just about addicted.
Thanks Chuck and Eric for a great site.
Have a great day!!
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Old 09-29-2000, 12:14 AM
darryl darryl is offline
LawnSite Member
Join Date: Sep 2000
Posts: 10
Hi! I'm a paid Firefighter and do lawn care part-time. I've been in the lawn business 6 years.

I started with:
Simplicty Regent 36" rider
Snapper HiVac Self-Propelled
Weed Eater Blower(Junk)
Ryan Trimmer
5x8 trailer

Have Now:
Toro 36" Gear Walk Behind
Snapper HiVac Self-Propelled
Lawn Boy Self-Propelled
Husquevarna Trimmer 120R
Stihl Blower BG75
Echo 24" Hedge trimmer
5x8 trailer
Craftsman 5hp Blower
Cub Cadet 2155(broke)

Love the work and outdoors. Have water will fish, ski, or paddle. Wish You Well.
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Old 10-01-2000, 12:58 AM
LawnSite Senior Member
Join Date: Sep 2000
Posts: 320
My name is Joey Audirsch,age 26,from West Monroe,LA.i used to be a machinist,quit that in the beginning of 2000 to go into the lawn care business.I currently have 58 residential and 3 commercial accounts,several which are year round,but i need more commercials.For right now I am working by myself doing 8 - 10 yards a day,next year i plan to hire someone full time to help me.I would like to pick up about 40 more accounts for next year so i will have around 100 accounts.Equipment as follows-

98' chevrolet c1500
00' scag turf tiger-61"/25hp
00' john deere lx277 with 48" deck
00' john deere self propelled 21" mower
00' exmark 36" metro with jungle wheels
stihl-hs45 hedge trimmers/hlk75 hedge trimmers
stihl-br400 backpack blower
stihl-fs85 weedeater, fs83 weedeater
stihl-fc75 edger
mtd edger
mtd yardvac
mtd reartine tiller
homelite chainsaw
troy-bilt mini tiller
troy-bilt trimmer mower,brushcutter
craftsman 42" lawn sweep
craftsman hand held blower
various hand tools

i wish anyone in this business goodluck -it is hard work, but the profit potential is definately there
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