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Introducing The Chilehead Theft Protection System

Greetings, people. It's been forever since I've been on here. Had a really busy season. Anyway, some time ago I posted about my efforts to invent a theft protection system for trailers that would involve an alarm sounding the instant someone touches it.
Well I've outdone myself with something that I did not invent, but works wonderfully (so I will not take credit). How many of you know what a capacitor is? For those of you who don't, a capacitor looks like a small battery and stores a charge like one too. However, unlike a battery it releases it's charge completely and instantly. If the charge is released into an individual (READ: Thief) it will give quite a shock, and if over 300 milliamps--it can kill.
So guess what I did? I outfitted my trailer, equipment, and storage shed with these devices like crazy. I got mine for free from people giving away broken PCs on Craigslist. I simply disconnected them from the motherboards. I found it best to charge them with wire lead extensions connected to rechargeable 9V batteries. Just be careful not to overcharge the capacitors, or you risk having them explode.
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sounds like a lawsuit. think about the children. . .
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garenteed lawsuit
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9V? Seriously?!? Yes, a capacitor can put out a lot of current in a short burst, but 9V isn't going to hurt anyone unless they lick your trailer.
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hmm.. explain more...
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Oh jeez. We did this as a practical joke back in the 70's in shop class. Charging a condenser from a points type ignition. Then you toss it to your buddy. Gives a little jolt, but really just pizzes you off.
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A buddy and I were playing with the capacitor that come in the disposable camera for the flash. It charges off a AA batt but puts out a burst of 330 volts. And can attest that it will make you jump.
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(enclosed trailers only)

instead, get the door to automatically close behind them when they enter the trailer, automatically lock and everything (like a safe, but not as heavy). An alarm rings on your phone, computer, house, whatever. Get ur machine gun you keep under your bed, and get outside to have a friendly chat with the man
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