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the current truth about Scotts

Too many homeowners think Scotts is still the "cat's meow". So then they hire Scotts Lawn Service instead of you >>>> You may want to print this off so you can provide it to homeowners when you compete with Scotts Lawn Service.

Agrium seems to be the current "cat's meow" IMO. First it was Scotts, then LESCO, now Agrium. I truly believe that fertilizers & pesticides from Agrium are a cut above Scotts products in every way. No offense to Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Loews, etc.

I believe it's time for the public to be educated regarding the quality of turf & ornamental products, as well as the LCO's they choose. I realize it's difficult to compete with all those Scotts TV commercials, but if you go online and read reviews regarding Scotts products, I think you will see what I mean. The public is being misled. my 2 cents
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I think I mentioned that Agrium carries the specialty fertilizers that make the green doctor the green doctor. What's going into my tank is not sold at HD, Lowe's or Walmart. Especially not the soluble micronutrients or 28-0-0 CRN.
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i like agrium ferts. thinking of switching to them more than the helena ones.

larry, do tell more about xrt and xcu and performance/longevity(considering good rain like you seem to have while we are in a drought but our river is flooding cuz of your rain!)
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Old 06-14-2011, 11:08 PM
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Brand name doesn't make a damn bit of difference. A wise man on LS says correctly "It's what's IN the bag, not ON the bag"

Whether you like IBDU, MU, PPSCU or just plain urea or ammonium sulfate, it doesn't matter who the manufacturer or blender is. Each mfr. has good and cheap blends. Shop by price and components.

Andersons' MU is just as good as Lebanon's MU and just as good as Agrium's MU.
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Old 06-15-2011, 01:05 AM
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Quiet is correct. If you take 2 products and compare the labels and the components are the same. NPK is NPK and the slow release component is the same then theoretically they are the same. Quality of the processes that got it to that point will be the difference IMO.
Think of it this way...If given the choice between eating a bowl of Kelloggs Corn Flakes or a bowl of Price Saver Corn Flakes, which do you think would best meet your expectations and give you the most satisfaction as far as eating a bowl of Corn Flakes goes?? I think the same applies to fertilizer.

Quality can be sacrificed for Price and vice versa and sometimes a compromise between the two can be made that gives satisfaction to the buyer. There is a correlation between the two that is undeniable...
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You guys are still spreading fertilizer? I switched over to a fine grain pea gravel last fall. Doesn't stain the concrete and won't volatize.
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Originally Posted by whoopassonthebluegrass View Post
You guys are still spreading fertilizer? I switched over to a fine grain pea gravel last fall. Doesn't stain the concrete and won't volatize.

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Really don't

worry about competition - let them speak for themselves. Learned shortly after graduating from high school it is a full time job just keeping me in line and on the right tract - little only trying to run someone elses life/business.

I, myself, and me is a full time job - believe me.
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I recently read about how Scotts will be removing "P" from their fert next year. I can only see the commercials now. "We care about our family, (dog and children rolling in the lawn in background), we care about our lawn, and we care about our environment. Thats why we use scotts turfbuilder step 2. We kill the dandelions dead, and dont have to worry about our fertilizer polluting our lakes and streams. Only scotts zero P fertilizers..."

How that commercial is interpreted by the commercial applicator that has been "P" free for many years.

" Hi, you ignorant knuckleheads. We know you are cheap, and we know you think you know everything about lawncare, we also know that you always want to outdo everyone around you to compensate for your insecurities. This is why we dump millions of dollars into marketing our fertilizer. We realize you have no idea what 24D is, but we know that you refuse to call a professional because you think they will charge a fortune, and blanket your lawn with an unneeded amount of dangerous products that will harm your family. This is why we dont tell you whats in our turfbuilder step 2, and have deep enough pockets to keep it that way. You are better off not knowing that you are exposing your family to higher levels of 24d than a commercial applicator would ever do. We also realize that you think a lawn that grows 12" in 7 days is a healthy lawn that is why you keep coming back. We appreciate your stupidity, and look forward to doing business in the future. "
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