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Potential new customer - bad infestation of CG

Lawn is KBG and TF. His current squirt/fert. co.'s just dropped the ball on CG control. He's got a bad infestation. I'm "guessing" it would take me 2hrs. or more to spot-spray Drive XLR8 to take care of what he has. Lawn is +/- 1ac.. CG plants are not carpeted. They're more like a lot of individual plants (for now).

He wants to let it go, this fall, and wait for it to die out. I might could sway him to let me spray. But, I'm looking for all the reasons why he should. He's actually OK with it, because he thinks it's going to die out and I'm going to control it, next season. I'm afraid it won't die out, completely.

He's not aerating. He doesn't plan to over-seed. I actually don't think he needs either.

Thanks for your input.
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Crabgrass is an annual, so yes, he's right, it will completely die out over the winter. First hard frost should do it, actually.

Unfortunately, that's not going to do anything to prevent the CG from reseeding itself for next year, making your job that much tougher if you're going to be trying to prevent it for next year. Kill the CG, aerate the lawn (if the soil is compact) and overseed to build as thick a turf as possible, thereby helping reduce weeds for next year. Seriously, if the guy isn't willing to pony up now, what makes you think he's going to pay you to do all the right things next year? Sounds like the issue might not even be a bad former landscaper...maybe just a bad account? Just saying...
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He's a penny-pincher. No doubt (a fair guy.....I know him, personally).

In his defense, his lawn is neither compacted (far from it) nor sparse. He has a really good stand of beautiful grass. It's just infested with CG (and a little bit of yellow nutsedge).

If it were my lawn, I wouldn't aerate or over-seed, either.
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Your best bet is to agree with him--and sell him an extra crabgrass application in spring.
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So, all these plants that are going to seed aren't anything to worry about? I can eliminate any harm they're doing....with a second PreM app. in the Spring?

If that's true, I can sell that.
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two apps of your preferred CG pre em in the spring at half rate or one at full rate

maybe sell him him an app of pendulum as well for the sedge

but yea, let it go, chances are you wont get very good control spotting an infested yard now anyway

especially considering the amount of seeds there probably is right now
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