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Old 07-11-2014, 10:10 PM
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Softwash Machines

So I spent the past 2 years oogling over the Softwash brand name skid units with a softwash system, pressure washer and tanks.....looks real nice and fancy but pretty spendy. I don't own a softwash system or a power washer. Used to have a cheapo power washer but after 3 pumps I junked it (saved the engine though).

Been thinking of adding this to my arsenal of equipment. I get a handful of calls per year to wash houses. I did about 10 last year. None so far this year as my back has been bothering me big time. But I'm thinking of putting together a washing unit. I had the idea today at TSC when I saw some 12v pumps. Biggest one was 3.8 gpm at 80 psi I think. $120. They had those nice white tanks outside $199 for a 65 gallon. I wouldn't source parts for this from TSC, but it got me thinking. It wouldn't be difficult to build one of these things. I'm a shop teacher full time (except in the summers) and have the fab skills to make it nice. I run a legit property maintenance company on the side from teaching. I mainly do mowing, plowing, mulch and bush hogging but I enjoyed washing houses except it took forever with the power washer. The soft system seems to be the cats ass. Lots of dirty moldy houses & roofs around here and it sure beats huffing mulch around all day. Ideally, I'd like to be able to hit an entire house without a ladder or being on the roof itself. I hate heights and avoid it when possible. I'd probably pass on any crazy high or steep roofs and refer them to somebody else.

So long story short:
- Who here has built a system? Got any pics & details?
- What pump did you use or what should I look for in a pump as fas as psi and gpm?
- What's the purpose of dual tanks on some setups? Is it just for two different chemical mixes or is one a buffer tank and one a chem tank?
- Will the same chem mix work for roofs and siding or do you guys mix it differently between the two?
- What's your fav chemical recipe for different surfaces
- Where can I get 12% bleach?
- What chemicals do you guys like for concrete?
- Anybody know where to get affordable but decent hose reels?

Looking for any and all ideas. This would make a good winter project when it's not snowing. has two inexpensive systems but I couldn't find any reviews on them. Neither have tanks (are tanks even needed?)
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