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Originally Posted by Tha5150 View Post
Easymoney, did you use mulch blades and open chute and take or what was tithe process? Looks pretty darn good. But that's a 1/2 acre
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He's using a mulch kit but he has grass to mulch it into. You have dirt so instead of seeing full leaves it will be 1/4 of a leaf spread all over. Which ever way you cut it both jobs look like a hack ran it over. The lawn pictured is cut way short and my customers would flip there lid if I mulched there leaves. Why not just put a catcher on one mower and be done with it.
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Since there is virtually no grass, I think backpacks and a couple helpers is the best way to go.....
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No mulch kit, just side plate
-Lawn was St.Augustine and cut at about 3 inches...we go from 4.5 inches in summer down to about 3 inches in fall-
Agreed it is more difficult without grass, but you can do it--the grass makes it much easier
I don't bag cause organic matter for the lawn is much better than not...moisture retention, makes soil healthier...which makes grass grow better-bagging sucks up lots of dirt as well over time-plus bagging up leaves and hauling them off is sorry...
I would agree that bagging has its place...when there is so many leaves they would be accumilated after mulching them up...
i would also agree that bagging a yard typcially looks a little nicer-that doesn't mean that I would do it...hauling off debris is a losing proposition...guys up north get paid to do it, down south people don't pay for you to do it...they just expect it (if you bag)
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Originally Posted by Tha5150 View Post
and all i have is a 44" dixie with no bagging system. a friend gave me this lead cause he has no time and i am just starting out, still in the "i will do anything" faze. he quoted her $500 and she wasnt completely sold until i said i would blower her entire roof off and do an extra corner that she had not bothered with.

anyways, i am 99% i can get this job at $500 or $450 worst case. problem is, i will not rake all this. good thing, there is a burn site in her back yard where she wants everything dumped so there is no removal.

i have tried to find a place to rent a riding leaf vaccum or something with no luck. and i said i have no bag so what is my next best option.

A. you guys tell me some great simple way to get this done in 3 hours by myself with something i dont know about

B. rake myself and or hire someone to help ($10 type help at the local store) and hate everything about the job the 15 hours it takes to finish and try to kill myself on the job.

C. Sorry ma'am, not going to happen. good luck....
So, what did you end up doing and what did you learn?
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Old 04-01-2012, 12:20 AM
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Oak Tree leaves are the worst one to work with in FL
1. They are small to mulch.
2. Small enough to get into or between the St. Augustin grass roots (Hard to rake)
3. If you do mulch them first they have to be dry and 2nd since all the leaves are brown it doesn't look like you did anything after your done.

My opinion blow all the leaves in piles and load in a tarp or a large cloth. This will save you at least 1-2 hrs from bagging and then dumping.
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Originally Posted by THEGOLDPRO View Post
Mulching leaves only work for you southern guys with very little leaves, Its impossible to mulch the leaves in the fall time up north.

If it were me trying to do what you want without all the proper leaf equipment like we have north, I would take your little mower and keep mowing in circles working form the outside in until you mowed all leaves into a pile in the middle of the yard then i would rake them all on a big 20x30 tarp and pull it with my mower over to the burn pile.
have done it this way in the past and it works well especially since she has a burn pile she wants them all dumped in
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Spend $300 or whatever it cost and purchase a side bagger for your mower. A little gas money and a very small profit. Consider the hard work and extra labor time an investment for the next leaf job. It is paying for the new bagger. On the next job, and there will be more, you can charge more money and spend less time doing the work.
I personal mulch when I have grass, and rake (blower) or vac in dirt.
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We use blowers and big tarps. Blow all the leaves to center fill tarp and drag to road. Then tie the tarp and lift it into the dump truck or open trailer. The big tarps take 3 guys to lift some times especially if wet.
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This thread makes me laugh.
Originally Posted by Drew Gemma View Post
I get paid to keep the property looking good. It is not hard what we do like anything else in life, added will power, desire and the ability to look for solutions not excuses then you will succeed.
Stay focused and leave distractions for those who will fail in their ventures
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