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Ideas on getting customers to commit to service earlier

Was wondering if anyone has any ideas on how to get customers to tell you early on in the season if they will be using your services again for the year. Every year I always think I am losing a handful of customers because I don't hear back from them after I send my proposals out. Sure enough as soon as their lawn is a foot tall I get the call from them. I always send my proposals for the season out on March 1st. I've always included in the proposal "While we will be taking on additional customers this season, our loyalty is with our existing customers who made the 2011 season a success". Does anyone have any advice to add into my proposal to generate the calls earlier? My challenge is, as a solo operator, I turn away most requests for new work because I don't want to bite off more than I can chew. I pride myself in doing the best job possible and can only ensure that if I have the right amount of customers for what I can handle.

My next question is what do you do with that customer who then calls after the lawn is overgrown? In the past 5 years in business I generally just ate the cost of making it look right (assuming they don't want a clean-up). I've been fine with that because I have great customers who promptly pay on time, recommend me to friends, neighbors, etc. This is my 6th year in business and I have only had 1 customer beat me out of 1 mow. I would double, triple cut or whatever just to make it look right. Plus my truck is lettered so everyone knows who does the work and I want to make sure all my properties look their best. With rising fuel, insurance costs I don't think it's fair for me to eat the cost of making things right. Any ideas on verbiage I can add to my proposal to help my customers understand the importance of notifying me earlier?

Thanks for any input.
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I think there was a similar post on this. It came out to the landscaper just saying "see you next year" or sending your clients a letter asking them to call you and cancel otherwise you will continue as usual.
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an icentive?

My "n" key quit working! :-) Meant incentive.
Maybe offer a slight discount or a free service if they sign up by a certain time.
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that's just how some people are. they don't wanna start paying until april sometimes. i've never understood it myself. to me you start cutting when the grass starts growing but some wanna wait until april regardless and the grass is a foot tall.
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Grab a beer and make a few calls and ask if they will be coming back because you starting cutting in X weeks.
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I don't ask, they know when its time to get started that we will be there unless they have other plans and tell me. I only send out letters if there is a price increase something along the lines of- Stuff cost me more so its going to cost you more, thank you. I had one to cancel this year and I rasied her price by $7 per week and was hoping she would go away. Everyone else is back into the swing and willing to pay a few more dollars a week. I think we serviced all current customers for the first time the week of March 15.
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My agreements auto renew, meaning if I don't need to increase the price, and they don't call to cancel, I continue on as usual.
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Tell them in February your schdule is almost full and were wondering if they wanted for you to reserve a spot for them for the next year-

we offer a 3 percent discount for paying upfront for the entire year---buying 'x' number of mowings....everything else is extra (or you could figure on a certain number of hedge trimmings etc and all additional work...allow them to make three or so payments....)
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I don't use contracts, but a simple letter of understanding. I send it out in early March, saying " ... do the same as last year ..." including any price adjustments. The last paragraph is a negative-only reply statement. In other words, we are good to go, UNLESS I hear otherwise.

I learned many, many years ago that asking for a positive response didn't work -- just as you are finding out. Nearly all of my customers continue, but occasionally somebody will opt out. They understand the negative-only response, and will make contact promptly, without offense.

I think you are much better off with negative-only responses, instead of expecting positive-only ones.
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Thank them for last year's business and inform them when you will resume service, unless they notify you otherwise. Call the ones back that notify you to discontinue or tell you to wait a month or so, tell them why it's important to start earlier than they think (to scalp before it gets hot, keep weeds down, etc).
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