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Old 07-15-2012, 12:23 PM
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Originally Posted by yardguy28 View Post
one time when requiring a license is a good thing and helps.
No doubt, but it also takes a good understanding of what you are doing and why. Not to mention the continuing education that you must do in order to keep up and do a good job.

Not like buying a mower and saying your a landscaper.

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Old 07-15-2012, 01:07 PM
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Originally Posted by coolluv View Post
Yes I'm solo at the moment but would love to have enough work for a helper and then eventually have a crew for the mowing and I would do the fert and squirt. I actually enjoy the fert and squirt more. I'm also gearing towards that as my main business. I will still take on maintenance work but If I could just do fert and squirt I would.

Maintenance to me has become too saturated and the prices are just continually falling. The fert and squirt game doesn't have nearly the competition and the prices are not falling because every Joe Blow has a spray rig.

Back when I had a partner, he handled the crew. The other day we were on a job and a guy rolls up and is waving. He had a nice truck and trailer.

My guys asked if I knew him, I said no. They said he use to work with us and now has 50 houses he runs solo.

There is plenty of work out there. I do not really look at residential mowing as my bread and butter as much as something that keeps the guys busy, and recovers my OH. I see it as a way to pick up other work, trimming, mulch, irrigation, fertilization and such.

There are many mow blow and go companies out there. I did some irrigation work for a guy. Charged him pretty close to 1/2 ~2/3 of what a new system would cost (low ball cost) to space the heads properly, add some new MSMTR... He then asked me to mulch his beds.

Said the guy mowing his lawn just never could get to it. I asked him what does the guy charge? he said $25. I would not do it for $25, Would want 30 but would take $28.00

I likely made more money off those two jobs than what the guy mowing the yard does in 2 years. I still would take the mowing however for $28.00

I need to go write him a nice note know about his irrigation system, mention my squirt and fert program and mowing ....

If I can get someone to pay me to squirt and Fert, I can mow the grass for less than these guys... I just don't. The reason being is I use Primo so I do not have to spend long mowing and the lawn is better off for it. Bermuda wants to be mowed twice a week minimum. If I use primo, I can cut weekly, the grass looks better, tighter and is more weed free.

I would need a contract for that service however!!!
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