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How can I help you the Landscaper and Lawn Guys the best with my stump grinder?

Hi everyone.

How can I best approach you for this type relationship? I am hoping for pointers to improve my 'pitch' to you.

I recently bought a brand new stump grinder. I am getting jobs but am not busy enough by my standards. I hope to be steady in about a year if I remain humble and honest with everyone I deal with.

Currently I am talking to the local lawn guys and landscapers on the street as well as placing phone calls, but have not gotten much in the way of solid interest yet. I am getting lot's of HECK YEAH you'll be hearing from me, but much has transpired yet. ( I have to keep telling myself that I have only been at this two weeks, calm down. )

I only want to help these local companies and "I" believe getting a stump laden yard cleared could increase productivity for you/them. Couldn't it?

I provide no other services so my proposal can't be threatening to take any of your potential income, nor do I want to. Ultimately I am hoping that together, your services expand and with that so can my business.

I am only trying to be the reliable guy with the grinder that can come out about any time for you or your customer. I can offer either a 'finder’s fee' or to give 'you' the estimate that you can mark up to your customer and pay me directly.

NOTE: I got friendly with one local guy who threw me a bone a few days ago. As soon as he saw what my machine and I could do and how I dealt with his customer, he changed HIS advertising to include my service in his local flyer! He is a nice guy and I think/hope we'll have a good working relationship moving forward.
Please help me help you!

(PS: I am in the Lower Bucks County area if anyone wants to talk with me about my services.)
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develop a written agreement with them that you can sign saying you won't steal the customers. tell them how you price so they can sell your job for you and take their cut. My head hurts...
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I have been grinding stumps for 10 years, and it took about 6 or 7 years until word finally got around that I was the "go to" guy for stumpgrinding. I thought I would be able to get a lot of referals from landscapers and lawn guys, but it sure has taken a long time to get there. Heck, I am the only guy in our town of 125,000 the only grinds stumps, and there are only 2 other stump grinding machines in town, both owned by tree service companies.
All I can tell you, is be friendly with the landscapers/lawn service guys and make sure they know you are around. If they call, give them prompt service with a timely quote, and quick response to the job, if you get it. Also, leave a little money on the table for them to make some off YOUR grinding work. Or, at least leave them the option to make a little off of your part. Most will not care about that, as long as you do a good job for them.
Also, check out the cost of renting a stump grinder at any local rental places that have them. Then you can tell a potential customer how much you can save them in money, and time, by using you instead of renting.
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Offer them some money. Maybe % of the fee.
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Also hit up all of your local tree companies. A lot of Arborists will sub out their stump grinding, more than likely they would already have a sub lined up for it. but it doesn't hurt for them to have your card incase their go to guy falls through.
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I use a guy just like you. He is one of my favorite subs, bc he will get on the job immediately! Price is really not an issue. He is always fair, but i would pay twice as much for his service because of the immediate service. I do alot of grading jobs where stump has to be ground twice, once at the start of grading and again after i have stripped 2-3'.

And i think you a mobile machine on wheels would be nice. I think there is good money in stump grinding if you have a 75hp machine that can blow through stumps.
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Awsome stuff so far guys, keep the info coming. I am absorbing it all.
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