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amending questions and seed type questions

sorry this is going to be a long post guys! I've got so many newbie questions to ask!

ok, so last year I had a soil analysis performed. the results are in this post:

I got distracted with home renovations (and the fact there were trash dumpsters for the renovations all over my yard covering it) so I did nothing.

now thats all done I want to get this squared away.

as you can see in the post above, my yard is nutrient poor, sandy, and the pH is low around 4.5. so basically weeds love my yard and nothing else haha.

at this point I just want to do a "test" in a section of my yard that is separated from the rest by walkways and the house. its approximately 10' x10' and a barren waste land.

I want to amend it and plant centipede seed. I've tried every other type but this one. I did take a patch from my parents house who live farther inland and it is centipede and it seemed to live through the rest of summer and winter.


how do I amend? what do I amend? in the other thread, people said I need 145lb of lime/1000sq feet. so does that mean for 100sq/ft I need 14.5lb of lime? then how much composte and what type should I add? do I just dump/spread the lime/composte on top of the dirt and then till away, then smooth it out with a rake and spread out seed and re-rake and then water?

how long after this should I wait to take another soil sample to see how the land is doing?

I hear I cant really "fertilize" or "weed/feed" for 2 years after planting fresh seed? I dont want all kinds of crazy weeds to grow and choke out the grass though which is what happened to my st. augustine a couple years ago.

average temps during summer around around 110*F here and it only rains a couple times a month very shortly due to how close to the coast I am. It can be thunderstorming at my parents house 20 miles inland and then the storm falls apart when the coastal air hits it. I know its a strong storm when I actually get rain lol.


I want to plant centipede seed but how much seed do you plant per 100sq/ft. just toss it by hand? its not big enough for my rotary spreader. should it look like sprinkles on the ground or should I not be able to see dirt...only seed...before I rake it in? should I toss it down with the amendments and then just till it in? then add more?

also, is the centipede seed from lowes good or bad? why is it so friggin expensive? a small bag is $45 compared to huge bags of bermuda grass at $20.

is it a good hardy grass seed or should I think about finding some online thats better/cheaper? I dont want to spend $45 on seed only to watch it die if I goof up on the amendments.

Also, I got a big thing of the water orbs in green off ebay that I'm seriously thinking about plowing into the soil. They are biodegradable and hold water for up to two weeks which I'm thinking might help to keep the soil moist/wet even once the temps go crazy and it doesnt rain much. is this good/bad? I mean these things were developed by the agriculture department for this type of purpose and I hear they are used a lot on golf courses. Like these:

Even if I dont use them, they were cheap enough and I've started using them in my potted plants and such and they do nicely in there.

thank you for any help you guys can offer!
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