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Market Research -- Worth the Effort?

Hey guys I got my first client the other days strictly through word of mouth (which I feel is by far the best way to advertise). Now that I have one client, I, expectedly, want more. My website is under construction, business cards are ordered and I am going to put an ad in the paper.

Should this give me enough clients to really get off the ground. I am debt free, working out of my truck with a pushmower/edger/blower/rake/gas can so I'm looking for small residential yards that would take me 1-2 hours by myself. Is this marketing strategy solid?

As for the topic title, I found Mosaic USA and the geoselector is really cool and can tell you a lot about an area you select, but is it worth it? I was thinking about selecting the demographic I wanted (Middle-class married families with modest incomes in residential areas) and sending out either fliers or hand-written photocopied business letters with my card attached. Is this worth it?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Willis Lawn Care
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1st off, WELCOME.
2nd I REALLY do STRONGLY advise a business plan!!! " I KNO I KNO "
BUT. remember this. If your NOT going to present this plan for a loan/inversments. then make it as a diary. " A WHAT " a Diary.

But 1st, decide where you want to go, where do you wnat this business to be in 5 years. " this is short term "
now decide where you want it in 10, 15 20 and so on.
if you want ot be a mow and go. then do NOT DO RESEARCH.
this type of business is pretty much a fly by the seat of your pants business. <--- notice the period

NOW. if you want to " in 5 years " have as many employees. The answer to your question is YES.
you need to line up vendors. you need to know there turn around time on delivery.
and for the love of GOD. make your self a company profile. WHAT IS THIS ?
a profile is a discription of your company. when did it start ? where did it start ? who are your customers ?
who are your employees? what degrees do you have ? waht is your expearance ?
where is the company going ? and most of all. how much is the company worth ?

this is your outline. NOW DO IT....

as far as your business plan. K.I.S.S
write down EVERYTHING......... .today we had a flat tire. we had a spare, BUT it was flat. after we got it aired up we noticed we didn't have a jack. we spent 3 hours on this...

why is this DIARY importaint ?

how much did it cost you to have this flat ?
I would estimate about 700.00
so how do we avoid this lost revinew in the future?

and most of all REVIEW this PLAN/DIARY.

best of luck to you
Dont even talk to people who cant purchase your product or service.........Dave Thomas.
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Thanks I really appreciate the advice. I wish there was a reputation. System so I could rep you but oh we'll.

I have a notebook in which I keep my plans. I hve my next 4 steps lined up in the book, righ now I'm on step 2. Step 1 was get my first client locked in which I did with a 9 month device agreement. Step 2 is website/marketing/business cards to get to 30 clients. Once I get to 30 clients by the end of season (solo) I want to put a some down on a nice riding mower during winter. Eventually I want to be full service landscaping but I'm 20 years old and have to pay all my bills with my full time job so my funds are limited until I get some nice bids.

I love working outdoors I worked with my stepdad for 4 years doing this stuff until he passed and I really enjoy it. I don't need to make a million but I do want to grow a business. Not just joe blow but a sustainable business with equipment, an entire crew and over 100k in profits for myself. I know this will take time but this is my ultimate goal. A 6 figure salary doing something I enjoy.

I have been doing a TON of research the past week and I'm overwhelmed but also really excited. Getting the first job is a good feeling and it makes me want to keep building. I hope I don't go over the top with advertising expenses and no ROI. I guess no risk no reward.
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