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Question... for the BIG companies

So I have an opportunity to go work for another lawn care company in my area as their operations manager. They are willing to give me an above average salary along with a small percentage of profit.

Iíve been in business for myself for 12 years and thatís all I know. No college, No other work experience. So honestly Iím not going to find another company out there that would be willing to pay me this much money. My question is should I take the job or continue to live the American dream of owning my own company.

I would really like it if only those of you who have been in business for more than 7 years, have more than 5 employees, and have at least 3 crews to answer. In other words no disrespect, but if you have only been doing this a couple of years please donít answer.

I LOVE mowing yards but just not a fan of having to deal with everything that comes with owning your own company. I guess another way of asking my question isÖ if you could go back and do things differently are you glad you went through all the hard times (and do they ever go away?) to get to where you are today or if you had a chance to work for the other guy do you wish you would have taken the job. Thanks for the advice!
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It's a question of pride as far as I'm concerned. If you love what you are doing, keep doing it. Owning your own business has more perks than just the salary, but risk doesn't always equal reward. Business ownership can be challenging, but you can never get fired. I'm glad I've stuck to it, even though it has be extremely challenging and stressful.
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It's my guess that if you have to think about it your mind is probably already made up. When you are not the captain you have to deal with other peoples cow piles. Another thing is you have been a business owner you are going to take your practices with you where ever you go; who's to say it will or wont prove to be a problem as an employee.
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Most people serious about their businesses do not go around discussing pay with future employers especially after 12yrs. Not trying to be a jerk, but just pointing that out
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kg26 brings up a very good point... All of my early years working for someone else were spent being mad and simmering all day because I couldn't do things the way I wanted to do them. It's like, yeah, I was doing what I loved, but I wasn't loving what I was doing because I didn't have creative control. You need to be 100% positive that you will be able to stand down to this guy and take orders. Sure, you will be operations manager, but that might just mean that you are going to be given a template to work with and not the freedom to make your own decisions... Or your own money for that matter.....
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Thanks guys! So much to think about!
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