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Old 10-20-2014, 07:57 PM
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What are you using for your winterizer?

I am in Northeastern PA and the Leigh Valley of PA. I think I am going to use a product by Synatek that is a 31 0 5 30 percent Natural base. I used to use Lescos 28 0 3 30 percent bio matter. Just curious what you guys are going to use in late Oct and Nov.

Also next season i will have to add another truck because i will have 550 customers on my first truck. I am at the point where i am going to have to have a full time employee running a route himself. Has anyone found a way where the employee doesn't see what the customer is paying on the invoice. Then give a goal by how many jobs they complete other than a dollar amount like we used to at Chem-lawn in the 90s I have seen Tru Green leave a Notice now that they will mail the invoice to the customer instead of leaving a invoice with a envelope. Any suggestions.
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Old 10-20-2014, 09:55 PM
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Set up a system either your customers that all invoices will be sent through email before/after completion of service.
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Doesn't matter what kind of equipment you run as long as you get the job done correctly and up to par.
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Old 10-20-2014, 10:02 PM
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TThatis great idea. I use Clip and I guess I could just have them leave a informational leave behind and take a route sheet and mark who was done for the day. I will I have to talk to sensible software and see if there is a way to do that once I mark a job as done.
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Old Yesterday, 05:40 AM
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So if your employee isn't allowed to see pricing, how can they up sell from the field?
What about the customers that want to pay on the spot?
It would prove more beneficial to have a production bonus based on revenue per day/week. That way an employee can see a benefit also. If they have no idea of revenue generated they then believe you are getting rich from their work.
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Old Yesterday, 08:57 AM
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Man hours

I like Jim Paluch's approach, show the employee a dollar, then tell them how much you spend on each thing (labor, rent, fertilizer, equipment, gas, etc.) and show them what is usually left for the owner. Usually they think the entire price is profit, but if they understand how a company works (Most companies make 5-10% profit) then they aren't as concerned about the price to the customer.

That being said, you can setup CLIP2go to just show the man hour goals (no prices), so if you wanted to do production based goals you could just base the goal on the man hour ratings for your jobs.

You can also email bills, and print service tickets etc.

For specific help from our support team email or call us.

CLIP software
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Old Yesterday, 05:49 PM
Marine03112 Marine03112 is offline
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Thanks guys for the feedback. I guess educating the employee what the costs to the business is, is the most important part. They need to know there is a lot of overhead. I am thankful to all your feedback. I don't know if tru green still has dollar based goals but it doesn't seem so. Anyway I guess I will keep a dollar based goal with sales incentives. Just can't let the employee think we're making millions. Education seems key. Thanks Dave @ clip. I will be in contact with support this winter.
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Old Yesterday, 08:46 PM
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I have a hazy memory of it all, but back when I worked for the Big company. I think I did about 100,000 in production revenue one year, (about 1979). I think I got paid about $12,000--naturally there were a few dollars more in salary costs due to the meager benefits we were paid. They never sent any money they collected for my social security to the government. FICA.
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