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Sod pricing help

I already search for similar threads but did not find my answer.

I already have experience with sod so I know what I'm doing, but my pricing, I am not to sure if I'm charging to much.

Let's take an example here. 5000 square feet, front and back yard, with relatively easy access for machinery.

Most home owners around here have pure clay or sand, with no top soil what so ever, since the contractor of the house is to cheap for that. So every new lawns have a hard time growing with a very bad soil structure.

Normally I use a sod cutter to remove the dead sod, if its really easy to pull out, I can also use a bob cat to skin out the sod, hauled away in a trailer to the dump, no fees at the dump for that.

I would then rototill the existing clay and bring a minimum of 4" of compost/triple mix top soil to mix with the clay. Level, grade, compact the soil, add starter fertilizer, lay down the sod and roll the sod after.

with 2-3 guys I can do this in a full solid day.
Bobcat is 350$ with gas, taxes and delivery.
4" of soil is 63 cubic yards. Full truck is 375$ so 1125$ for soil with taxes and delivery.

Sod here is .30cents a square foot, delivered + taxes so 1,700$ for sod with taxes and delivery.

Let's say 2 guys for 10 hours would be 300$ of labor.

So already at 3475$ in expanses, + gas, fertilizer, company overhead, dump trailer fees. So roughly 4000$ with extras.

So 4000$ in materiel, but the company has to make a profit and I have to pay myself a salary. If you have 4000$ in materiel, what would you normally charge to the customer for a 10 hour day job? Double the materiel? 8,000$ that's expansive.. I already called a few landscape companies and they charge around 1$ a square foot before taxes, so they would be at 5000$ + taxes for this kind of job.

Suggestions and ideas appreciated.

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.30 cents a square foot for sod is expensive. If you are in Ontario, near Toronto you can get 10 square foot for $1.80 before tax and delivery. Also most companies who charge $1 per square foot for a sod job are not putting 4" of soil down and roto tilling it in. They are probably putting maybe 1" right on top.

It depends on your customers expectations. If they really want a premium sod job like it sounds you are proposing then the price goes up. for 5000 square foot you could easily charge $6,000 and the company makes $2000 profit.
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Which is better in the long run? Top soil or irrigation installed? Soil may be bad--too hard or too sandy. However, I think that if you can grow weeds--you can grow grass. Clay won't kill grass--neither will sand.
Flooding will kill grass. Drought will kill grass. Excess shade will kill grass. Remember the big three.
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