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The business friends you appreciate

I've been very fortunate to work with some other great companies in our industry - landscapers, lawn companies, sprinkler companies, etc. I've found some great local ones from Lawnsite as well - TomTom and a couple others. They truly make business and personal life so much better. I refer work to Tom and other sprinkler companies when I can, like now when I'm overbooked.

But I don't associate with just any ol company (yes Kiril, you can call me an elitist ). I work with the companies that I feel go above and beyond just like we do. I know we all b!tch and moan about the job quite often, but then I hear a great story that made my day.

Another sprinkler guy I know, was at a customers house last week to do a start up. The older lady, 89 years old, walked out back to ask him something and she tripped and fell hard. My buddy stepped right in, calmed her down, called 911 as well as her daughter. He then went to the hospital over the weekend to make sure she was alright!!! That blew me away!! She ended up with a broken knee and shoulder and need 14 stitches, and will be there 3 months. She was adamant about paying him for his service call, and he flat refused. Class act.

These are the kind of people I am humbled to be around. I'm glad that we can work together even though we are doing the same job and are considered competitors in the industry. We work well together, drink beer together, and laugh together. It just really made my day to hear that he went to see her in the hospital. She's not just another dollar to him.
So kudos to my friend Jeff
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Good to hear a positive story. Not many contractors would show a personal side such as Jeff has demonstrated.
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Common decency comes to mind. First rate IMO, and I have never met his person. Thanks for sharing.
easy-lift guy
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that great!
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above and beyond!

great guy..
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That is great to hear. And I'm sure 90% of you here have those same feeling for your customers, and would do the same thing.
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Thanks Dana. I had an episode years ago like that, as well. Not to put a dark cloud on this thread, but I was at a job late in the afternoon with a elderly woman client. I had knocked off and she wanted to take a walk to see the sunset from a view point on her property. The neighbor (idiot) had been working on his c.s. fence, which I had not paid too much attention to. We got to the viewpoint, she leaned against the fence and it collapsed, crashing her to the ground. I freaked out and got her on her feet and back to the house where I called 911. The F.D.came and took her away. In talking to the EMTs, he told me I'd screwed-up by moving her, should have made her comfortable and not moved her. She was transferred to a hospital in Seattle with neck injuries, survived, I went over to visit with her, I felt so stupid. Bottom line: don't move injured people!
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