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Should I switch to a front mount after having a mid mount ztr?

I currently run a Ferris 3100, 72", with a 32 Briggs Big Block. I test drove the Ferris 800 for over an hour the other day and liked it. It is a different feel, but it still felt smooth. It was only a 61" with a 31 Briggs. I have a Snapper dealer offering me a Snapper Pro 800, 72", with the 30 Yanmar for $14,000. Its a hell of a good price and the fuel savings with the diesel would be nice. It is the same machine as the Ferris, just without the suspension seat. Ferris dealer quoted me $16,600 for the same mower. What are others opinions?

And if I do decide to get the front mount, should I trade my mid mount in, sell it, or keep it? It is a 2011 with 1130+ hrs. What is it worth?

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I would keep it. It's worth around $5500-$6000. It has tons of life left. Get as much work out of a machine as possible. A front mount seems nice but it s so long and not as quick or maneuverable. Basically less productive in the long run. No sense spending $14000 when you can spend $10000 if you really need another mower that is.
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Front vs mid mount is nearly the same argument as what size mower should I get. Depending on the property a front mount can save quite a bit of trimming by getting further under obstacles so depending on your typical property it overall could be more efficient time wise than a mid mount. If you fold the deck they don't take much more space on a trailer than a mid mount. I prefer front mount over mid mount but it doesn't mean everyone should have one.
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This is a decision that no one can make for you. It is determined by personal preference. Hopefully you will get many replies that talk about personal experiences and such to help you make your decision, but the decision is yours and you have to get what works best in your particular set of circumstances.

I went from a mid mount to a 725K2 Grasshopper with a 61" front mount deck. I was not smitten with it in the beginning, but after getting some time on it, I have bonded and wouldn't give it up for anything.

It's good that you got some time on one before having to make the decision.

Best of luck
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I now several larger properties (Walmart-111 acres, hospital-14 acres, ethanol plant-8 acres, several 2-6 acre farmsteads, and just a few town yards that I have a walk behind that I can use. I run solo as much as possible, but there are times I need help. I have friends with midmount ztrs that help.

A majority of my properties are pretty rough and that was a concern with a front deck, but after testing one I was surprised how smooth they felt. I mow several steep banks that I probably shouldn't be on and should probably quit doing. Had to replace a hydro on my Ferris on the side that is usually on the downhill side. I think that is what caused that. Several suspension parts are wearing on my 3100. Of course now they have 4 year warranty on suspension components now that they have more bolts & hiem joints verses the washers and roll pins on my 2011.

I appreciate the feedback. It is good to hear from others that have gone from midmount to frontmount. I get tired of getting beat up mowing around cedar trees and bushes that always scratch and tear. I put the front deck on my trailer with the zero turn and it fit, so that is not an issue.
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I ran a JD F525 for several years & put a snow blower on it. This year I replaced it with a Grasshopper 725DT, a front deck. 2 things for me, I like the way the front deck follows the contours of the land, but I know mid mounts also produce an excellent cut. The fact that I can put a snow blower on the Grasshopper is important to me as I blow a lot of sidewalk, and it will do a 4 foot walk pretty much all in 1 pass.
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