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Originally Posted by twomancrew View Post
When I hear a business person say "It's the principle of the matter" I always tell myself that in business it's always about "How cheap can I get out of this". Basic Math is a really useful tool for this approach. Keep pushing that mower telling yourself Math doesn't matter, I will take my Math and all my new $hit over principal or anything else anyday.

At home, it's all about principle. That's what makes us who we are as people. I get that.

If you can't put $ and business first go work for someone who does, it will be much more stable for you there.

It is always about $$ and simple math. More $ is good, less is bad. I got a spindle seal out on big girl so I got to go deal with that now. I hate sucking up fishline on this new Toro. Half the time it's ok, sometimes all the grease flings out.
Horse hockey.

The principle is not allowing employee demands to run or bankrupt your business. If you let one employee to make demands, eventually they all will.

At that point in time, it will become simple math. That simple math will tell you that you have less money coming in than going out.

More money is not always good, if the employee is causing grief and stress.

I fired one of the most productive lawn mowing guys I've ever seen or had because of his attitude. It had nothing to do with money, because he was making it for me.
“Every step we take towards making the State the Caretaker of our lives,

by that much we move toward making the State our Master.”

~Dwight D. Eisenhower
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No different then a college athlete trying to go pro or pro going free agent. Getting the most one can for their skills is done by all.

Even done by a LCO that is trying to get $35 to mow a lawn and the property owner saying this is not brain science I can get the neighbor's kid for $15.

Shoe is now on the other foot.

As said in the Godfather, it's not personal it's strictly business.
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Yea $20 an hour for an uneducated person to run a weedeater or mower, I think I could find a lot of people that would do a very good job, probably better than your current guy.
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Old 06-08-2013, 02:01 AM
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Originally Posted by KrayzKajun View Post
Bye bye Pedro!
Posted via Mobile Device
R.I.P. Sweet Prince.
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Shake his hand and cut him loose. Thank him for his service. I am an owner\operator with just one employee. I had the same one for three years. Before I found him, I went through six or nine before. He went to the army this year. I went through six or nine more before I found a good one. Set down with a clear head and write down exactly what your business needs from an employee and what you can afford to pay the right person. This sounds crazy but when I need help even if it for just a big one day mulch job, I put an add on Craigslist. You better do it on a rain day cause your phone won't stop ringing. Use diligence and you can weed out allot on the phone. When I find the right person, I offer a huge bonus if they work all year. Last year I gave my full time guy a 1999 Ford Ranger in fair shape. This year I am giving my full time guy a years worth of cell phone service at Straight talk. A $550 value. The bonus is not paid out till Christmas. The important thing is know your business model and staff it accordingly but remember this, the worries that keep you awake at night are also what keeps you from thinking of ways to grow your business.
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I had guy once said he wanted more or would leave He was looking at a different job that paid twice as much for half of the time.
I told him If person had a job like that jump on it.
I told him if they was looking for anybody else, Tell them call me, I like work for twice the money for half the time.
3 weeks later he asking for job back I said sure, but I told him he would have start back at the bottom of pay scale. He pass and didn't think it was right.
To find a good helper look at other LCO offer them a job
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