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Old 06-20-2013, 09:36 AM
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Originally Posted by herler View Post
So let me get this straight, you PAID these guys nearly $200 for the privilege of hauling away their garbage lawn mower, damn, that means I'm either in the wrong business or certainly on the wrong side of the counter! But now you want to spend more on first a rusted engine that you don't think looks so bad, look man, tell me one thing, you're using this mower for your own lawn, right?

Because if you are and it doesn't work out, you're out $700...
A bit of a gamble and I sure wouldn't want it to be my money, but I can kind of see doing that if only for the thrill of possibly winning.
Oddly enough I get the hint that money is a big issue here...

So if you're thinking of using this machine commercially, I don't mind saying I don't see this getting too far off the ground.

If the latter were the case I'd probably quit now, take it as a lesson learned, and start saving up in earnest for next year.
Otherwise it's just going to set you back another $500, rib poking aside I hope you can see where I'm coming from is all fun aside I am trying to help you, don't send more good money after bad, take your losses now and take what little you have left as a head start to get going next year while you put aside as much more as you can from now until then so at the least you'll have some cash capital to get going with...
Sorry I didnt reply earlier. I don't do commercial mowing. I don't even do residential I just mow my yard once a week and have been doing so with a old 1985 John Deere 111 that I have kept going for this long. I wanted the comfort of a newer mower and saw what I thought was a good deal. This thing is practically brand new and way nicer of a mower than what I am used to. It was $175 even if I throw an engine on it for $530. I would be into it for $705. I see these mowers going for about $1000. If I could get a cheaper used engine then I could bring my total cost in the mower down substantially. Remember I am only using it to mow my grass once a week nothing crazy. Thats why I am shopping for the cheapest alternative. This actually is a really nice mower that was professionally serviced by our local John Deere service department and used to cut a .23 acre lot. I think it was a good deal for a John Deere 115A. Around here where I live $175 would buy you something like this Let me know your thoughts. Thanks
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Old 06-29-2013, 09:45 PM
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Update: So I bought the engine I listed on eBay. To make it complete I used my flywheel, starter, carburetor, engine cover, etc etc. We put everything together and mounted to the mower. We have gas air and spark but the engine will not fire. We have blue flames coming out of the exhaust which means it is backfiring through the exhaust. I have cranked on this mower ALOT no start. My question is one of two things. Either the flywheels are not interchangeable and the timing is off or the exhaust valve is stuck. My question are the flywheels interchangeable? Did briggs change them from a
31P877 type:0110 E1 code 051109ze

to a

31P677 type: 0804 B1 code 2009 model year.

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Old 06-30-2013, 12:39 AM
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Go to the Briggs site and look up the IPL. That will tell ya if they use the same flywheel.
It ain't rocket science! far.

'Course if yer house has more wheels than yer truck...
" Old age ain't for sissies "
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Old 06-30-2013, 09:42 AM
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The flywheel part numbers are different due to one having a steel ring gear and the other is aluminum, Timing is NOT the issue.

Pop the head and remove valves, Check the guides then clean the rust off the valves and lap back in......
Originally Posted by piston slapper View Post
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Originally Posted by MannsLawnService View Post
some times the man in my mirror isn't so smart...
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Old 06-30-2013, 04:05 PM
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Found the problem. Exhaust valve leaking.
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