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Bermuda suppression in Fescue. Do they all injure the Fescue?

Due to having non-managed turf around my sites, I will always be fighting with Bermuda. In KS, it rolls up in late May but as some know, applying herbicides at that time usually in not effective.

I have been using nothing but Triclopyr for years. When applied at the right times and intervals, it puts the hammer on Bermuda BUT because I have to wait to apply, the Bermuda top growth is high and looks bad. The product also stunts Fescue growth for weeks.

I know some are mixing Acclaim Extra with it but at the price of AE, it would have to be a magic bullet because this stuff just does not give up. What other products have been successfully mixed to obtain superior results over a single action herbicide mix?
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What about fusilade II?
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I have not used it myself and seems to be mixed reviews on mixing with Turflon. I would like to hear some feedback.
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There was a university study (maybe Kentucky) that tested acclaim and turflon. They got over 90% suppression but it took repeated apps(6 i think). I tried it several years back and got what seemed like 100% control from 3 apps, unfortunately within 2 years the bermuda was back. May have worked better with few more treatments the next year.
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I am sure I would get 90% too with just Triclopyr if I did 6 apps. Problem is I would likely kill the Fescue in the process. The main issue is you need to spray when the Bermuda is very active. That is at least 85* ambient and likely over 90*. Fescue wants to stress with the high soil and ambient temps, then you hit it with herbicide.

I can really only get 3 apps in a season here in KS that would do much good and still be acceptable to the Fescue. That is a June July August app. If I could find something that performs like my Momentum Q does on broadleaf, I would be ultra happy. That clover is curling within a few hours and dead in a week with no Fescue suppression at all.

I really doubt there is anything that is really going to kill Bermuda as a selective just due to the Rhizome root system. That being said, I don't know if I care so much about the "100%" kill rate as much as I do NOT injuring the Fescue.

With Triclopyr, I have suppressed enough to not need action for another full season. It will always be there and I just suppress once it is obvious. I also try to overseed those areas just to help lock out Bermuda top growth once the weather cools.
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Fusillade II
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About the only thing outside a sterilant I've seen that will completely eliminate Bermuda is SDS and winter kill from cold dry conditions. So just sprinkle some spores out there in the fall and you should be good to go.
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You guys suggesting Fusilade II Turf and Ornamental herbicide need to read the label. Try around page 31-32. I have copied and posted what you need to read. I don't know why they put it so far into the label, but they do, and you are not the only ones who think fusilade can be used on residential lawns. You can use it in the landscape, but only on commercial turf. Many years ago I asked the company why they restrict residential lawn use, there reply was that people would blame the company for burning up the lawn through misuse.

For the suppression and/or control of Common Bermudagrass, Hybrid Bermudagrass and other grass weeds in Zoysia and Tall Fescue. Not for use on home lawns.
Keep off fescue in summer.

If you want to use this AI and stay within the law, then I suggest PBI Gordon Ornamec.

The study of AE and Turflon Ester was done out of NC, and was a multiple treatment done over 2 years, with about 90% control. AE and TE works well, but is expensive, and the TE needs to be stopped a couple of weeks before seeding. Also an ester in high temp can be a problem with gassing. AE is a good product to use on its own right up to day of seeding. A cheaper alternative is 5% round up at time of over seeding. Seed is germinating as the Bermuda is dying, then hit any rejuvenated Bermuda just before dormancy in the fall and again in the spring.
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