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Lawnsite to the rescue!!! My very first seeding job... with pictures!

Seems like im on here alot lately! Basically this thread serves two purposes...

1. I need help with the processes that need to be taken to make this lawn look good again (I can figure out pricing once I know the process)

2. Document progress with before & afters

It appears I cant post pictures from a mobile so Ill try to describe whats going on and in a while ill get to a p.c. and upload the pics guys.

Basically you have two types of area on this yard, completly barren & all weeds. Very little actual grass. Homeowner wants nice thick green grass and I just dont know where to start or what steps to take so I havnt been able to qoute him. I have 2 weeks to figure this out.

Ill give you guys my initial thoughts on it maybe yall can tell me how far off I am and point me in the right direction!

I figure first the whole thing needs to be sprayed for weeds, then dethatched, aerated, seeded, compost layer, water religiously?

Also ive been wondering whe doing a job like this is it the lco's job to water or the homeowner? Id hate to do all this work and charge a ton of money just to have nothing grow bc the homeowner didnt water correctly. Just wondering how that works.

Ill get pics up ASAP!!
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Kneel before Sod.
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Where are you located ? Unless you are planting warm season grass this is the wrong time of year to seed.
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If you're planting cool season grass, wait till late August or early September. Double aerate and rake up the cores. Spread a layer of compost, seed, starter fert, and water once in the morning and once in the afternoon. Keep the seedbed moist.
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Agrostis is right.
In the fall is best; Aug 15 around here. The general rule is when the late summer temps come down below 80, (for cool-season grass). Or 8 weeks before the first frost in your town. You want high soil temps which results in quick germination. Then you want cool rainy weather in the next 8 weeks. Relatively few weeds and crabgrass occur in the fall.

On the other hand--if you have irrigation, or you can set up a battery-operated temporary system--seed in early summer. Hot weather often reduces the seed success by about 50 percent. Hot weather usually guarantees a big crabgrass and weed problem.

Sod is better and quicker--let the pros handle the germination, thickening and weed control.

You are right--in that you want to kill the old lawn with glyphosate.

My opinion, after killing the old grass, mow the stubble short as possible, removing the residue. A heavy raking, power-raking or light rotary tilling can work up and loosen the soil. Add starter fertilizer. Add top quality seed. Use plenty of seed--double seed rate is a good idea if conditions are less than the best.

Since you can't water it --ask for payment up front. Do not guarantee. Read the customer's water meter and tell him that he MUST water every day. Tell him to try to get his water bill up to double what is usually on it.

He will need mandatory "grow-in " fertilizer every month for 3 months. He will need mandatory weed control for 3 months, also.

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