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Old 02-25-2015, 10:31 AM
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DC 2750 Classic vs CubCadet residential (my thoughts and questions)

I moved to a house with slightly over an acre lot about 3 years ago and had to replace the push mower with a rider. I bought a 42" CubCadet ZTR (comparable to the current RZT-L42) "cheapy" residential mower. It seemed great the first season (I would not know any better anyway... lol), but then it was hard to start the second season (yes, I did winterize it correctly). By the third season it now will basically not start unless you either 1) use starter fluid, or 2) crank it with choke for about 10 seconds and let the thing sit for a few minutes before coming back to start it (I usually crack it and then fill it up with gas and check tires). In addition, it started leaving a strip between the blades which is not a huge deal, but annoying. Keeping the blades sharp and underside of the deck clean helps, but the problem still seems to remain. The deck seems to cut lower on one side even after I have checked adjustments many times. The mower is easy to control/turn without ripping up the yard but really does not "stripe" the yard, jars/beats me to hell, and takes about 1.5 hours to mow my lot.

Towards the end of last season, my friend let me borrow his 2011 Dixie Chopper 2750 Classic that he bought for a 13 acre ranch that he ultimately sold (bought it to keep up the property while it was for sale and no more horses were boarded). The DC only had ~40 hours on it when he let me borrow it. As expected going from a cheap residential mower to a commercial "expensive" mower, it was a completely different animal. Definitely rides smoother and cuts faster (I can cut my lot in half the time - about 45min and feel I "bounce" more than get jarred). The combination of the tires and controls are not very forgiving (I ripped up many spots doing my turns unless I REALLY focused). I know most of this is user error, but in the 10-12 times I mowed with it last year, I never could seem to get the turns to occur "naturally" like they would with the CubCadet. I always felt like I was pulling the inside control back far enough to engage reverse, but I guess not. The mower definitely leaves better stripes, but still not quite as nice as I would have thought/liked from that "nice" a mower.

My friend has recently decided to sell the DC (which now has ~50 hours on it) and has offered to sell it to me for payoff on his loan (~$5,500-6,000). This seems to be a good price on the mower and I know it has been well maintained. I hope to rebuild the carb on the CubCadet to fix the starting difficulty and since the mower is otherwise in great shape, I feel I can probably get no less than $1,250 out of it (essentially bringing my out of pocket down to $4,250-4,750 on the DC). This seems very tempting.

So now for the "questions" and comments from others who might have more experience on a DC. Do you believe this is a good deal/price (seems craigslist has many comparable DC for around $7,500-8,000)? Did anyone else go from a residential ZTR to a commercial DC, and how long did it take you to master the turns without ripping up patches of turf? Is there a way to adjust the controls so that reverse possible engages sooner (again I feel I pull it back enough, but the mower does not seem to respond as expected)? Conversely/jointly, with the last question, since I do not have virtually any major hills/inclines on my lot, would swapping out the Classic's aggressive tires for something less aggressive be a good idea to help reduce ripping up turf, and if so, what tire(s) would you recommend? Is there a way to make it "stripe" better (not ultimately a big deal, just curious)? Any additional thoughts/comments/recommendations?

Thanks in advance. Been a long time member/lurker and love the site.

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Old 02-25-2015, 09:46 PM
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Well if you want mower last a life time buy the Dixie Chopper

My aunt bought one they mowed there lawn back 2001 and now only has 500 hrs on it and has done nothing to but blades and think few years back belts

I still have most of mine bought over the years. I been riding them since 1985 My 1988 is a 50'' but doesn't mow much I turned it in to a Spraying rig

If it takes you 45mins to mow with the Cub The DC would do it in 20-30mins or less

For the price VS the hours I would jump on that mower
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