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Old 01-13-2014, 01:25 AM
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Originally Posted by Dolphin fan View Post
The mulching jobs are the area that because of you have to tie up money in I would never discount them, We have for the last six months I hired a company that installs the mulch on our job sites, they come in with a ten wheeler that has a large tank full of lose mulch, they have hoses that reach up to 200 feet and they shoot the mulch in the beds.[/QUOT

I figured that there is roughly 120 yards, and I could do that with 3 guys in 1.5 days using the mulch blower. I just figured up 2 building worth of mulch and multiplied it by the others. They are basically the same, so give or take a few yards hopefully.
Generally speaking, the normal "industry standard" that's been around for decades and you see time and time again in the estimation books and software of the "big three" is 1 cy = 1 man hour.

so 120 yards = 120 man hours.

But there is an easy, medium, difficult rating too.

easy being a multiplier of 1, medium 1.2 and difficult 1.5

So unless the yards of mulch are close to a truck or unloading area...figure it's at least 1.2 so 144 man hours.

My advice is try not to make money on the material it's's just mulch, it's not plants, you won't have to warranty it, so don't add big mark up to it.
I would only add about 5% mark up to cover any misestimation I may have had.

you say you can move 120 yards of mulch with three men in 1.5 days?

if the standard day is 10 hours 30 hours a day, your banking on 45 hours.

I think this is a mistake.

Maybe if you were able to just dump the stuff in a pile, sure, but there are lots of plants, obstacles, parking issues ; just because it looks like you can get your truck(s) where you want them now, what happens on the day when you show up and there is a frikken birthday party?

are you planning on using a tractor like kubota to move bulk mulch, and if so where is your staging area? or are you looking at running these yards of mulch by wheel barrow? If so, I think you are giving this far too little hours... the devil is in the details, you cant just smother all the plants there, and tenants and their daily routines will be all up in your way.

Generally speaking Bulk mulch is going to run $100-$120 per yard, installed.
I have seen it go for $85-$90 on large commercial projects, but that's usually new installs and they have control of the project (traffic and foot traffic) as well as their own plant material, not dealing with existing plant material and not damaging turf and walkways getting the stuff in, in a hurry.

I would not use a skidsteer here and it will black mark up the walkways and/or mess up turf... you could speed things up and lower your price if you use a L35 type kubota here.

But you are still looking at around $12,000 for the mulch, IF your estimation on how much mulch is correct.
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Old 01-13-2014, 01:35 AM
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the mulch blower way is usually one guy with a blower cleaning off plants and side walks with a blower.
one guy to help the main guy manage hose.

trouble is if the machine breaks down, gets clogged etc..

I cant for the life of me recall what the mulch blower rate is anymore (I havent used one since 2005)

But Ill still wager you're at $90 per yard... so the $12000 isnt going to be too far off.

Whats your cost on bulk mulch in Va?
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Old 01-13-2014, 02:54 AM
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Well Tpendagast I do agree with you on the mulching pricing, where I disagree with you is the Three men mowing and trimming and blowing this complex in six and a half hours, you brought up some valid points about the mulch install, but you I don't believe have taken in to account the obstacles that are going to arise when doing the mowing. From the pictures I count 14 or 15 buildings one is the rental office or club house getting back to the time, just going back and forth switching equipment out is time consuming where do they park there truck at building 1 or building 15???its a long walk where ever they park. While we understand that different types of equipment costs are more for larger and less for smaller this property will only need 36's WB with sulky and good old 21's anything larger will be counter productive. So when you estimate your man hour rate I believe it's flawed. The hourly rate should be charged on the skill level and experience required to complete this job, in your calculation I don't see any crew CHEIF or supervisor figured in. Oh any company that does not make a profit on something that they have to purchase the mulch for example is taking the profit from one aspect of the project and losing it here ( a percentage). Still cannot see the six and a half hours and giving them the job they should receive. The books that you are reading leave out the human factor in there calculations, the same man can not do what he did at eight in the morning and at three in the afternoon.
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Old 01-13-2014, 07:03 PM
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This site can easily be done with 2 52" z turns and a 48" walkbehind for tight areas. 3 guys can mow, trim, and blow it off in 8hrs. It would be best to have a 4th person to start picking up trash and other stuff then start trimming once the mowers are far enough ahead. The pic isn't that great but I don't see any need for anything smaller than a 48" mower. IMO
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