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Old 08-13-2014, 05:50 PM
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Exmark Red Technology

I spoke with Exmark today in an effort to find out how their Red Technology functions, and how they believed lowering rpms had no affect on the engine and hydraulics cooling capability.

The gentleman I spoke with, of which I must say was extremely nice told me he personally owned an Exmark with the Red Technology. He said the rocker switch changed the current that travels to the Governor Control Unit (GCU). Putting this into more easily understood terms, it is the electronic governor such as Generac has used for years.

The rocker arm switch; depending on position sends a specified voltage to the GCU, if in the "Max" setting, the switch sends voltage to the GCU telling it to maintain 3600 rpms, if in the "Efficiency" setting it sends the required voltage telling it to maintain 3400 rpms, if the rocker are switch is set to the "Low" position, the correct voltage is sent to the GCU, requiring it to maintain 3200 rpms.

He said there was an actuator at the GCU which regulated the E-Gov so quickly and easily you would never realize there had been more fuel added, therefore the operator never hears or feels the engine change.

He said most of his mowing was done in the "Efficiency" setting of which did an excellent job of holding blade tip speed. He made the statement of which I've talked about before concerning "rpm drag," of which he call "rpm droop." He stated that with a mechanical governor the operator would feel and hear the engine change sound and operation, whereas with the E-Gov responding so instantaneously the operator or mower never realized it was given additional fuel to maintain the set operating rpms.

I've talked about this many times, once there is a drop in rpms a mechanical governor reacts so slowly blade speed is also lowered, once blade speed drops the deck changes its designed function. You will get a much cleaner and all around better cut with a steadily maintained engine speed.

I've seen the difference 100 engine rpms can make in mower speed and deck function for the better. The gentleman claimed in average cutting when being able to maintain a full 3400 rpms, the Exmark did a very good job, but there were times in wet heavy grass where the 3600 would be needed.

He said they found no cooling problems with lower rpms, but he would not want to run a mower in 95° temperatures in the low setting.

I found this to be very interesting as well, Exmark does extensive engine testing for their mower applications, this gentleman said he by far preferred the Kohler EFI engine over any Exmark had ever offered. He made the statement they put the Kawasaki DFI through their testing and it could not pass their requirements. I discussed the closed and open-loop fuel injection system with him, and from what he said, Exmark believes the open-loop system to be lacking in fuel economy and functionality.

He is a big Vanguard engine fan, and was aware they are working on a closed-loop EFI engine but did not know how far progressed they were. I told him there were prototypes in use at this time in mud-boats and a few Ferris mowers.

Exmark will be offering an even higher level of technology in the future, but that cannot be discussed at this time.
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Old 08-16-2014, 08:46 PM
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Cool!! I wondered how that RED technology thing worked myself.
Thanks for the write up
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Old 08-16-2014, 10:05 PM
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I have one and just love it.
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