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Geogrid In Paver Base?

Before you get all excited, I'm not talking about geotextile fabric at the bottom of the base.....

I'm wondering if anyone ever installs geogrid inside the aggregate profile when building up a deeper paver base.

For instance, let's say you have to install a paver base that is deeper than what you'd do for like a patio. Maybe you're prepping for a driveway, hot tub, or maybe just have to fill in an area to get to the right elevation. Let's say you're installing a paver base of like 12" or even deeper. Maybe 18" deep with your aggregate.

Obviously you want to compact in lifts. But aside from just compacting in lifts, would you ever add geogrid halfway up? If it stabilizes the area behind walls, why wouldn't it also help to stabilize a deep base like this too?

I've never heard or seen anyone do this - in a paver application. But just wondered why you wouldn't do this. Cheap insurance, just like for a wall, right?

Anyone do this?
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I personally haven't done it, but I've read about engineers using it to stabilized roads and such. Especially in sandy areas like Florida and Kuwait. I usually just lengthen the geofabric and wrap the layers like a burrito instead of using grid. Im in Ohio.
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We just built a temporary road for a company here to enter their new warehouse until a concrete road can be poured this spring. We used geo-grid half way up the 12" depth of 3/4 minus. If I was to do a drive that had to be that deep starting out I may actually go 1/3 then 2/3 up just for piece of mind at not much extra cost. This road is only temporary so we did one layer to help support the semi's until "real" road is in..so far so good but we did use a 3 ton ride on compactor for iPS Like amish said ..I know I have read about it being done but can't locate the article
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geo-grid base

Here you go Jim. This was from back when I was still hardscaping a little bit (one of my last projects).

We had a huge amount of pea gravel fill we had to remove. I was nervous about adding all the weight behind the timber walls, which unfortunately were not in the budget to upgrade. We used geo-grid underneath the patio and planting areas. I quadruple rolled the ends of the grid and fastened them like a mad dog to the inside of the wood retaining wall. My theory was, the weight on the grid would help alleviate some of the outward pressure that was going to be pushing on the walls by counteracting that will grid that would use the weight of the patio and soil to help hold it in place. Must have worked, because I was at their neighbors place about 3 weeks ago and everything still looked tight when I poked my head over to have a look.

Anyway, I don't think it can hurt. Especially in soft or porous soil strata.

Sorry the pics are a little grainy- The cameras in phones were not all that great back then.
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certainly won't hurt anything to use it.

Although, I do not believe it helping for a 12-inch base.

18-inches - maybe. Not a bad idea.

24+ inches - sure, why not. Not a bad idea.
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I've used it many times where there is more concentrated weight like under pillars and stair sets. Like DVS said, certainly won't hurt.
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Hey guys. First post here on lawn site. I am a member of a few other landscape and snowplow forums.

I always put grid under big step systems and usually use a 3' roll under all of my retaining walls. My thinking is, if one part of the wall wants to sag that it basically has to take the rest with it. Cheap insurance.

Glad to be a part of this forum and hopefully learn a thing or two and have a chance to help some one else.
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