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Another company name thread

Hello everyone,

New guy here, not new to turf but new to starting a business. Just a little background...I have about 10 years of turf management under my belt, most of the equipment and to start a business, but no name. I am looking to focus on fert/herb apps, irrigation, installs, tree care and removal, and bush hogging with some contract lawns to keep things going in between large jobs.

My name Is J. Love. So, I feel like I have many options but just cant settle on one. Can't decide If i want to include my last name or not. just a few ideas I have had...

Lawn and Land Management

Premiere (probably taken)

Jeff Love's Lawn and Land Management or Solutions

The Love Company...Lawn, Land, Irrigation

Just looking for some opinions from some veterans of the business. I can't decide if I like the idea of using "Love"

Any and all opinions are appreciated, Thanks in advance.

J. Love
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Another company name thread

For the love of lawns
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50 Shades of Green
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I'm pretty much set on naming my company "Symphony Organic".

Reason being, I love classical music, and my business will be geared towards the green/organic market.

I think the combination fits. "Symphony" can be used to describe more than just a certain form of music, such as a combination of things that work together in harmony to achieve something.
Here's a particular definition.

Symphony: something regarded, typically favorably, as a composition of different elements.
"autumn is a symphony of texture and pattern"

Try thinking of things you like that might mesh together well, and is unique to you.

Surnames work, but a lot of people use their surnames. However, name recognition seems to go a long way in sticking in clients' minds.

There is a very nice, upscale furniture store here in my town owned by a guy surnamed Lovegrove. He named his store "Lovey's", and recently changed it to "Lovegrove's".

Perhaps "Love's Lawns" may work? Sometimes simpler is better. The purpose in a business name is to be both unique and catchy - something people will remember.
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Originally Posted by Jaybrown View Post
For the love of lawns
This one
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50 shades of green....haha that's amazing...
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Think alphabetically when at all possible for lawns. Some medias advertise in order and being further down the list might hurt you from getting places to bid on.
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I'm a newbie also. I'm in the same boat, I can't decide on a name. I would like to have something memorable and also play on my last name of Fields. So I was thinking Fields of Green Lawn Service. Your thoughts??
I think For The Love of Lawns would be a great name
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I was thinking of re-naming my full service business too.

I do different things through the course of year snow in winter, lawns and gardens, window cleaning in summer. plus i'm expanding into seal coating drives, hardscaping, landscaping, small roofing jobs, commercial grounds and lots maintenance, property management, etc.

i was thinking of using a parent company name and having divisions so I could have seperate marketing campaigns (the market seems under serviced; lot of people don't even know what they want or need cause I don't see much advertising) and when I started out with my first newspaper classifieds ad I put Roof Top Snow Removal by T.M. as the headline and I have a numbered corp with a O/A name, so it's 123546542 LIMITED O/A By T.M. Property Services. So I could have Snow Removal by T.M., Lawns and Landscapes by T.M., Window cleaning by T.M., Sealcoating by T.M. and so on... but whenever I say By T.M. people mis-hear what I say or just don't understand it. I am trying to build a brand around my name and something easy to remember... so in my mind I want by T.M. moniker to be a mark of quality, brand wise. And also allowing me (internally) to have seperate marketing campaigns. (haven't done a serious marketing campaign yet) Of course I could have whatever window cleaning name of business and then have by T.M. follow it, if I wanted something less generic sounding for the title of that division.

So what do you all think? My lawyer, friend, and customer thought I wanted T.M. Property Services maybe that would have made more sense.
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