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Old 04-23-2014, 02:37 AM
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Originally Posted by TPendagast View Post
you're just starting out, with sub standard equipment and you want to claim to be the best.

You can't say "as long as I believe I am the best"

Why do you believe you are the best?

Do you and better training?
More experience?
Better equipment?
A new improved way of doing things?
a secret no one else knows?

What claim do you have to that title? Even in your own mind?

Walk us through how you convince yourself you are better than the others?
1.Just being licensed and insured puts me ahead of at least 50% of the local competition. Seriously, it is staggering how many people are running around offering $20 cuts out of the back of their vans to pay for whatever "recreational habits" they have, or other similarly depressing situation.

2.The fact that I even have and use a trimmer and edger puts me ahead of another 20%. Alot of the companies around here, just mow-n-go. Using the mower deck to blow off the driveway, etc.

3.I can speak english. Take this however way you want, but it is nice to be able to talk to the customers easily, and get feedback from them. Another 15% of companies have this going against them. I personally don't care about what color you are on the outside, but the old lady who grew up in the 50's in the south sure does. (old people are the majority of the clientele)

4.What's left? Another 15% of businesses around here? I will have to rise above these guys with my willingness to take an extra 5 minutes to take in the trash cans, clean out the pool filter, scare the family of raccoons out of the porch, or just smalltalk with them. Alot of these widowed older people have nothing going on in their lives, and are coping with depression, boredom, health issues. Talking with them on the plastic-wrapped couch is going to make alot more difference in their lives than the 20 minutes that you "lost" by not moving on to another house.
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Old 04-23-2014, 06:27 AM
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You definitely have drive, just take what tony tells you seriously, hes one of the best marketing and web guys on here as well as pendagast, runs a huge operation. I can see how you would be defensive of your ad but as soon as you "know it all" youre dead wrong. Thats why were here in the first place, to learn from others
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Old 04-23-2014, 07:10 AM
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Difference between being cocky and ignorant

Have you done any market research? At all? There's a reason for what you've listed. Fl is about the most over saturated place to start lawn care
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